A Polish bank uses the Ethereum blockchain to manage documents

A Polish bank uses the Ethereum blockchain to manage documents

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Answer A Polish bank uses the Ethereum blockchain to manage documents

Among the most important advantages of blockchain technology is the reduction of time, effort and money.

By converting paper transactions into digital transactions, and above all, this information remains immune from modification and manipulation.

Alior Bank, headquartered in Poland, is one of the newly established banks with a history dating back to founding it For the year 2008 by the Italian group Carlo Tassara.

Alior Bank announced the development of a new mechanism based on the Ethereum blockchain technology in order to facilitate communication between customers and add more security and transparency regarding documents.

Thus, Alior Bank joins the group of traditional banking institutions that use blockchain technology.

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As for the axis of the new addition adopted by the bank, it allows direct interaction between the bank and its customers through a simple platform dedicated to this purpose, by managing documents in a digital way that relies entirely on blockchain technology, which means ensuring the authenticity of the information and not falsifying it.

Tomasz Sienicki, Chief Strategist at Alior Bank said:

“By adopting the new technology, we wanted to help people verify, disclose, and verify data by providing a blockchain-based document management system, so that all users would be able to access this new platform.”

Thus, Alior Bank will be one of the first banks to take a step towards opening the doors of access to its operations to users.

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