Craig Wright: Ripple (XRP) is irregular and Ethereum (ETH) is useless

Craig Wright: Ripple (XRP) is irregular and Ethereum (ETH) is useless

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Answer Craig Wright: Ripple (XRP) is irregular and Ethereum (ETH) is useless

The post-BCH fork war appears to be among the most disastrous events for the cryptocurrency market. This is due to the collapse of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) by nearly 50 percent, in addition to the decline of the rest of the projects in the same period.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this disagreement is the discrimination of leaders on both sides and skepticism of their competitors and their bias towards their currencies, which makes it difficult for users to formulate an objective idea about the situation by analyzing these ideas.

A few days ago, Craig Wright, one of the main promoters of the new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) split, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), tweeted about his impressions of a number of other cryptocurrencies.

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According to Craig Wright’s tweets, Ethereum (ETH) is useless as it lacks use cases and XRP is illegal.

After accusing Ethereum of being useless (it’s hard to believe since most projects and dApps today are based on the Ethereum network), the attack on XRP began.

And then Craig Wright’s style turned into a more crude and rude one, which added to the controversy. In a new wave of tweets, he mentioned that Ripple (XRP) is nothing but a scam and described it as an unregistered security.

Craig Wright also added that if Ripple (XRP) is announced as a security, trading in this currency should be stopped immediately. Not only that, but he accused Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as securities and should be banned.

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