3 tips you should know before investing in cryptocurrency

3 tips you should know before investing in cryptocurrency

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Answer 3 tips you should know before investing in cryptocurrency

When you are looking to buy real estate, stocks, or even gold, you usually look at the market and its potential. The same should be done with digital currencies.

You will need to do your own research to understand how it works and the risks involved with this investment. As Warren Buffett once said, “Don’t invest in something you don’t understand.”

In this article, we will review three main factors that you should know when buying cryptocurrency.. let’s get started!

Buy digital currency

Don’t buy everything at once. Sometimes we get excited about a particular project and think it will hit the moon the next day. However, good things take some time to happen. Let’s say you want to buy bitcoin at $6000 and you have $2500 to invest. Divide your investment into $500 and buy your bitcoin incrementally. It can be very difficult to handle a very large situation at the same time. Thus, you will end up making poor decisions and eventually losing some of the value of the investment. This method is also applicable when you decide to sell your cryptocurrency. Sold separately, not all at once.

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Your biggest goal is to buy low and sell high, it may seem easy but this is the hardest part of the game. You must have a background on price trends, supply and demand. Don’t just dive into the market without having to stand up for the basics. Learning technical analysis will always be a huge advantage.

Find projects that interest you

Usually, Bitcoin is referred to as the king in this field. But there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies that have great projects but don’t get the same reputation. So, be sure to research your project and find those projects that interest you.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of these projects will eventually change and solve some of the challenges in the world we live in. However, be sure to read the comments and do your research to avoid project scams.

Learn how to make profits

It is very important to learn to make profits. As they say, the easiest thing in cryptocurrency trading is to buy the currency. However, the hardest thing is actually selling it. You may end up not making as much as you’d like, but letting your profit grow indefinitely will eventually wipe them all out.

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No digital currency goes up forever. Eventually, a market correction will occur which will wipe out your profits. As you can see, Bitcoin has lost about 70% of its value since December 2017 and most other cryptocurrencies have followed the same pattern.

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containment (learning to contain)

We have learned important factors to consider when buying digital currency:

  • position sizing
  • Risk Management
  • buy low sell high
  • Learn technical analysis: price, trends, supply and demand
  • research projects
  • take profit

Remember that the above advice should not be taken as professional advice but rather as a general advisory service. You should always consult agents if you want professional advice. I hope you have found the above tips useful and good with your future investments!

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