Fraudulent Twitter account collects $180,000 worth of cryptocurrency in 24 hours

Fraudulent Twitter account collects $180,000 worth of cryptocurrency in 24 hours

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Answer Fraudulent Twitter account collects $180,000 worth of cryptocurrency in 24 hours

Elon Musk, the mastermind behind companies like Tesla and Space X, appears to be a darling figure in the world of Twitter scammers.

Now it appears that an account called “Pantheon Books” with the “Verified” badge has been hacked and the username changed to “Elon Musk” before the account claimed to be distributing 10,000 bitcoins to people who deposited between 0.1 and 2 bitcoins into the account. a certain.

At the time of writing, this account has amassed over $180,000 (over 28 bitcoins) in a total of 399 transactions over 24 hours: the first transaction occurred on November 5, 09:14 AM.

This account is not the only one that has fallen victim to hackers. “Pathé”, which is the second oldest company in the world in terms of film production and the second largest studio in Europe, was hacked and it was recorded that the account was used for fraud in the cryptocurrency world under the name “Elon Musk” on his account, but it seems that he was able to recover the account and delete it Tweet. This account managed to earn over $2,500 in 19 trades, which happened within three hours this week.

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Twitter tried to combat these scams by banning accounts without mobile verification from adding “Elon Musk” to their display name. But scammers have found ways to evade these restrictions sometimes by using different characters but keeping the show name “Elon Musk” at first glance – like using the special characters that come with the Twitter font, to look like a particular message in the name.

Elon Musk had previously had to contact Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer to find ways to stop scammers. The creator of “Dogecoin” later tweeted that he had linked the account to a “scambot-scattering” script. However, this appears to have done little, as the Twitter rule about changing your name to “Musk.”

At the Black Hat internet security conference last August, computer researchers at Duo Security said that an analysis of 88 million Twitter accounts between May and July of 2018 revealed a massive network actively promoting scams. The analysis found that a network of 15,000 accounts hijacked the real accounts and created fake cross-links between them, and linked those through other automated accounts to make them appear credible.

“In recent weeks, impressions have decreased by a multiple of 10 as we continue to invest in more proactive tools to detect unwanted and malicious activity,” Twitter spokeswoman Liz Kelly told Quartz in an email. This is a significant improvement over previous action rates… In most cases, our enforcement teams detect and remove this activity before it is reported.”

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And a good rule of thumb for anyone wondering if there really is a legitimate grant in reality: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is a fraud. Nobody donates money for free.

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