KuCoin platform raises $20 million in first investment round

KuCoin platform raises $20 million in first investment round

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Answer KuCoin platform raises $20 million in first investment round

Investments and activities in cryptocurrency startups continue to accelerate. Like the early days of the Internet, with more than a thousand digital currencies and projects presenting themselves as initial coin offerings (ICOs), digital currencies bring a lot of hope due to the risk,

Today, KuCoin – one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges – announced that it has secured a $20 million investment in (First Investment Round A) to expand its business and reach more clients. The investment round was led by companies such as IDG Capital, Matrix Partners and Neo Global Capital who are industry leaders in technology and venture capital investments.

KuCoin is not a new platform in the cryptocurrency world. Founded in 2013 by a group of proven blockchain enthusiasts among industry giants such as Ant Financial and GF Securities, the Kucoin platform aims to provide users with digital assets and trading services that are secure and relevant to clients’ aspirations.

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It is worth noting that the founding team of the “Kucoin Blockchain Asset Exchange Platform” did an in-depth research on blockchain technology as early as 2011 and established the technical architecture of the Kucoin trading platform in 2013.

The KuCoin team officially introduced the CTS platform in 2017 with the development of technology, and operational strategies. Trading for the fledgling platform began in September 2017 after it raised 5,500 bitcoins in the initial coin offering (ICO) stage.

Note that the KuCoin platform is an international cryptocurrency platform that was established in 2013, which provided the service of trading Bitcoin against other currencies. According to the announcement, the KuCoin platform will use this funding to develop the KuCoin 2.0 platform, increase customer support staff to provide advanced service to all traders, and expand globally by focusing on target markets. The funding will also be used to research and incubate the best blockchain projects and educate and train talent on modern technology.

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