Ripple announces a new partnership to develop the international remittance industry

Ripple announces a new partnership to develop the international remittance industry

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Answer Ripple announces a new partnership to develop the international remittance industry

Ripple partner and international payment platform TransferGo says it is exploring the benefits of Ripple’s XRP-powered XRapid technology.

In response to a question on Twitter, TransferGo CEO Daumantas Dvilinskas confirmed that the company is testing the newly released Ripple solution for international payments.

In September, it was revealed that TransferGo is launching a money transfer corridor from Europe to India that uses Ripple technology for cost-effective instant transactions. However, the company has not specifically specified which of the cross-border Ripple software solutions it will use.

“We are pleased to be one of the first companies in the market to offer our customers real-time money transfers.”

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By utilizing Ripple’s revolutionary blockchain technology, the company can establish a real-time connection between itself and financial partners in India, allowing TransferGo customers to send money to family and friends or make international payments instantly.”

To showcase the capabilities of Ripple’s technology, the international payment platform TransferGo says it is launching a free money transfer project between Europe and India, fully powered by Ripple.

The London-based startup says it is growing 100% year-on-year to dominate Europe’s migrant remittance market. In October, TransferGo became the first company on the market to offer fully international money transfers. With more than half a billion users, the international payment platform “TransferGo” is growing at a rate of 1,000 new customers per day.

The company’s mission is aligned with Ripple, which aims to rewrite how financial institutions do business and transfer money.

TransferGo CEO Devlinskas says:

“In a global community, customers should be able to transfer money to friends and family internationally at no cost, in the same way that they can upload it locally. Our product innovation is based on the highest point of effort for our customers, in this case the fees they currently charge [المتنافسون] current market.”

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We believe in removing complex fee structures that can be difficult to understand – we want our customers to have complete confidence that we offer a service without any transaction fees or any sign of exchange rates, it is absolutely free.”

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