Learn about transfer fees between wallets for the most important digital currencies

Learn about transfer fees between wallets for the most important digital currencies

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Answer Learn about transfer fees between wallets for the most important digital currencies

In the financial industry, fees for transferring and making transactions are always a very big problem. In the world of cryptocurrencies, currencies compete to provide constantly low transaction fees to provide a proper financial service to individuals.

Despite the emergence of many digital currencies that claim that their fees are the lowest, this matter is constantly changing, so we decided at Bitcoin Arabs to highlight the conversion fees for the most important digital currencies.

6. Bitcoin BTC

Most people will agree that Bitcoin (BTC) is far from having the lowest transaction fees. Despite this, the coin is still a much cheaper option compared to many cryptocurrencies under the current circumstances.

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Bitcoin has an average transaction fee of $0.109 at the moment. These fees are expected to drop drastically after the release of new updates to the Bitcoin network.

5. Ethereum ETH

It is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and has slightly lower fees than Bitcoin.

Although the goal of the Ethereum network is to provide a decent infrastructure for decentralized applications (dApps), the transfer fee for Ethereum (ETH) is $0.062, which makes it an added advantage of the coin.

4. Cardano ADA

Many do not see ADA as a payment solution, although the currency conversion fee is certainly very reasonable.

But with the current transfer fee of just $0.012 it is interesting to see how this particular project has become almost 90% cheaper than Bitcoin in its current form. If this trend continues, the Cardano fee (ADA) will remain an attractive solution for completing payments.

3. Litecoin LTC

The race for lower transaction fees has full effect when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Litecoin (LTC) offers transfer fees similar to Cardano at this time, which makes it an interesting competitor to both Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Although not everyone will see it as such, it is a very interesting concept.

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2. ZEC Cash

It is always interesting to see how Zcash Coin (ZEC) performs when compared to other coins. Although there is no real comparison made in this particular section the transaction fees are very low in Zcash to proceed with execution.

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Currently, Zcash transaction costs around $0.011, which is cheaper than most cryptocurrencies.


It may come as a big surprise, but DOGE has been offering conversion fees quite low lately.

The transfer fee is only $0.0052 to send money over the network without any real problems. Compared to many other cryptocurrencies, there is no competition in this regard, mainly because transactions via Dogecoin can range from a few cents to millions of dollars, in theory.

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