List of crypto-friendly cities

List of crypto-friendly cities

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Answer List of crypto-friendly cities

Are you a travel fanatic, as well as an ardent adopter of cryptocurrency instead of cash? Well, this article is for you, in this list you will find the most crypto-friendly cities where the economies of these places are based on new technology.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

There are plenty of reasons to visit Amsterdam: architectural design, museums, food and events. Another thing that makes Amsterdam stand out is its status as one of the best eco-friendly cities in the world.

Amsterdam has made progress in terms of cryptocurrency adoption. The city is also home to the Bitcoin Embassy. The Bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam is where the crypto community actively puts its efforts into promoting BTC.

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As of 2015, Amsterdam opened Bitcoin Boulevard, a street where most merchants accept Bitcoin as payment for their products and services.

The city is home to over 40 merchants that accept bitcoin, as well as several cryptocurrency ATMs. Also, many cryptocurrency startups and ICOs have set up their base of operations in Amsterdam, which is considered one of the best cities for startups in Europe.

8. Singapore

Singapore, Malaysia

After China banned ICOs, many companies in the crypto space moved their operations to Singapore. imToken, a prominent Ethereum wallet, has also moved its office to Singapore. Singaporean regulators have a transparent approach when it comes to crypto operations. This creates an environment where there is less uncertainty for crypto companies compared to other crypto-incubating regions.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has even put together a “Guide to Digital Token Offerings” which covers how to apply security laws to token offerings. Furthermore, Singapore regulations do not affect utility tokens. As stated by Damien Pang, Head of Technology Infrastructure Office in Singapore under the Advanced Technology and Innovation Group (FTIG). In the Singapore consensus, Bang said only payment tokens would be affected by the regulations.

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7- Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana and it is one of the smallest cities in Europe that never stops developing when it comes to technology innovation and cryptocurrency adoption.

Ljubljana is also home to the world’s first Bitcoin-friendly bitcoin hub that opened earlier this year. This impressive center is over 1.56 million square feet, to be more precise. All merchants with stores in the mall accept bitcoin as currency and make use of blockchain technology. Bitcoin City is more than just a mall, it also serves as a major marketing and entertainment center.

Ljubljana is also where Bitstamp – one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges – has its headquarters.

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina’s capital, as well as its largest city, has become one of the world’s most cryptocurrency adopters out of necessity rather than love for the technology. As the country entered a deep recession a few years ago, inflation in Argentina reached around 25%.

This drop in the Argentine peso and government-imposed capital controls prompted many Argentines to switch to a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular. Also, many merchants have started supporting “Bitcoin” as a payment method. Currently, there are more than 120 companies operating using this process.

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Buenos Aires also hosted the first Bitcoin conference anywhere in Latin America. The Bitcoin Day conference was held in April of last year. Moreover, start-ups such as Satoshi Tango Rebio (formerly BitPagos) and Doe Ecole call the city their home.

Earlier this year, Athena Bitcoin, a US company that manufactures Bitcoin ATMs, revealed that it intends to set up its first Bitcoin ATMs in Buenos Aires.

4. Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

The light regulations on cryptocurrency and ICOs, as well as the supportive attitude of its government towards startups adopting this technology, makes Canada one of the most welcoming countries for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Toronto has become one of the most friendly cities in the world, and hosts a number of successful cryptocurrency companies. One example is Decentral, the company that created Jaxx, a well-known beta wallet.

Also, according to data from Coin ATM Radar, which tracks ATMs around the world, there are more than 200 cryptocurrency ATMs across Toronto. This is one of the largest numbers of ATMs that can be found in any city around the world.

3. Zug, Switzerland

Zug, Switzerland

Zug is a small town with less than 30,000 people living in it. Although it is not as well known as the other cities on the list, it is constantly popping up in terms of blockchain and cryptocurrency news. It is considered one of the most technologically advanced cities on a global scale.

Several important crypto companies are based here, and Zug earns the nickname “The Valley of Crypto”. For example, the Tezos ICO was held in this city last year.

A few years ago, Zug became the first city to accept tax payments in bitcoin. Additionally, the municipality has recently started accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for government services on a trial basis.

2. New York City, New York

New York City, New York

New York is home to more than 100 merchants that support bitcoin and other payments from business operations. There are also more than 150 cryptocurrency ATMs distributed throughout the city.

Some cryptocurrency startups have started out in New York. For example, “Coinsetter” which is one of the oldest bitcoin exchanges was established in New York in 2012. In 2016 “Coinsetter” was bought by “Kraken” in one of the largest (M&A) transactions that occurred in the crypto world.

Furthermore, New York has its own digital asset, the New York currency. However, it has a market cap of only $3.65 million.

1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is first on our list for a very good reason. Being known as one of the world’s leading technology hubs, it’s no wonder that an emerging technology like blockchain is here.

The city has more than 870,000 residents, nearly 60 ATMs that process crypto transfers and transactions, and more than 100 retailers that support digital currency payments.

Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and creator of one of the most secure wallets, is headquartered in San Francisco along with many other crypto and blockchain companies.


This list contains the most crypto-friendly cities in the world. Make sure to visit one if you intend to use your crypto assets to purchase your goods and services in the real world.

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