Canadian platform hacked and all its bitcoins stolen

Canadian platform hacked and all its bitcoins stolen

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Answer Canadian platform hacked and all its bitcoins stolen

In surprising news, the platform announced Canadian MapleChange via Her Twitter account “It no longer has any funds to pay users due to the hacking of the platform and the theft of all its bitcoins.”

To clarify, the platform published the tweet one hour before deleting its official account on Twitter, “that there is a technical glitch in the platform, which allowed some individuals to withdraw all the digital currencies they have.”

Perhaps the management of the MapleChange platform failed to contain the situation by announcing that it was unable to fix the defect or compensate those affected by the hacking process, and did not announce any attempt to recover the lost customers’ money.

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Did the platform steal its customers?

In the past years, we have witnessed many frauds in the world of digital currencies that follow similar steps, the process begins with collecting the trust of some customers and getting all their money in one place, and then this money is stolen and the justification may be hacking or simply the work team disappears and deletes their accounts Official social networking sites.

Therefore, many experts advise not to keep any of the digital currencies within the cryptocurrency exchanges for fear of an event similar to what happened to the MapleChange platform, and the rule says: “If you don’t own the private keys, you don’t own these cryptocurrencies.”

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Unfortunately, the first clues are that the MapleChange hack is an inside job and that the platform has already robbed its customers.

Perhaps the first of these features is the deletion of the platform’s Twitter account and the lack of any way to communicate directly with the platform.

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Perhaps the other indication is the short period between the announcement of the technical defect and the deletion of the platform’s official account on Twitter.

Given the The registered account of the platform on the GoDaddy websiteThe site was registered under the “Flavius ​​P” account, which is also suspicious, since businesses, especially those that deal with clients’ money, usually register the account officially.

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Finally looking at The official announcement of the platform on BitcointalkWe find that the owner of the advertisement has deleted it and its last appearance was around the time of the advertisement process.

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