The next “Zcash” split… The first step for adoption and use on mobile phones

The next “Zcash” split… The first step for adoption and use on mobile phones

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Answer The next “Zcash” split… The first step for adoption and use on mobile phones

Tomorrow, October 29, has been set for the Zcash split. Through this split, the network will be upgraded to make transactions lighter and faster, to facilitate the use of remittances and payments. The new update is expected to increase the processing speed of Zcash processes by approximately 6 times and make them 100 times lighter.

It is worth noting that the Zcash coin was launched in October 2016, and aims to focus on privacy in financial transactions. Zcash was the first to implement zk-SNARKs, which allow to reduce the volume of computing operations within the network.

The new Zcash split is called “Sapling”, and offers more new efficiencies for transactions on the blockchain network, and this move is expected to pave the way for the wide expansion of the uses of the Zcash currency on mobile phones, stores and various platforms.

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Currently, private financial transactions consume more computing power to conduct, verify and record transactions in the blockchain network, making them difficult to support in light uses such as via mobile phones.

  • What is the split process in digital currencies?

The new Zcash split transactions, dubbed “Sapling,” will create new Spaling Z addresses for users, which are shorter addresses and improve privacy for the Zcash network, according to the team.

The new Zcash split will allow the owners of the protected addresses to view the details of incoming and outgoing transactions in a secure and private manner. This will mean that transactions can also be safely shared with trusted third parties for auditing or for compliance with laws and regulations.

Finally, the new Sapling Z addresses will include a feature that will allow trillions of addresses to receive remittances at the same time without any additional costs. This will enable merchants, shop owners and trading platforms to create large numbers of unique and irrevocable Z addresses.

It is worth noting that the Sapling upgrade will be done in stages, as existing “Sprout” addresses will continue to be supported, but will be phased out to move them to a more secure and usable network.

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Zcash technologies have always been of interest to the cryptocurrency community, and perhaps the last of them is the praise of the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterne, for Zcash technologies and his desire to apply some techniques to develop the Ethereum network.

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