Monero launches initiative to combat malicious mining software

Monero launches initiative to combat malicious mining software

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Answer Monero launches initiative to combat malicious mining software

Earlier this week, the Monero (XMR) community announced the launch of a new website aimed at educating users about cleaning crypto and ransomware mining software.

Alleviate the confusion and disappointment of malware victims.

The ease of mining and privacy in the “Monero” coin is one of the advantages of the coin. However, these features attract bad guys who use the coin for malware.

Justin Ehrenhofer, director of the Malware Response Group, mentioned that there are two main factors that make Monero XMR attractive to hackers:

“Pirates attack Monero for two reasons:

1) It is a private digital currency, so you don’t have to worry about corporate reaction and law enforcement monitoring regarding the funds being seized.

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2) Monero uses PoW which is CPU and GPU friendly. Thus, the infected machines are competitive.

These two elements explain why attackers choose to exploit Monero mining over other cryptocurrencies.”

What is certain about this is that the use of encrypted digital currencies in malware is not limited to the “Monero” currency, but Bitcoin and a number of other digital currencies were used in the same attacks mentioned above, but the Monero currency has special features that make it prominent in this regard. .

In response to the question about what led to the creation of the anti-malware group, Ehrenhofer said: “We created this association to help victims of mining/ransom attacks, who often don’t know what Monero, mining or cryptocurrency is, and because of the spread of these malware we pushed To form that group to confront it.”

The new Malware Response website seeks to inform visitors about ways to prevent and remove malware. As shown, visitors to the site are expected to be frustrated and looking for answers because most of them don’t understand what’s going on.

In addition to detecting if a “Monero XMR” malicious program is running on your computer, the site includes remedies for the three types of attacks that are used: browser mining scripts, in-system malware, and “Monero XMR” malware. Ransomware encrypts the data.

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Get rid of unwanted malicious encryption scripts

Monero mining scripts are published in the browser from time to time as a way for visitors to fund websites. briefly added that mining cryptocurrency is an option for visitors rather than ads. If readers enable this via their browsers, the programs will mine the currency and exploit the resources of their computers as they browse the site.

However, attackers can introduce mining scripts to vulnerable websites without the webmaster or visitor knowing which is known as “Cryptojacking”.

According to information from McAfee Labs, there was an 86% increase in “crypto jacking” rates in the second quarter of 2018. In addition, the percentage of illegal “cryptojacking” operations increased by up to 459% thanks to the leaking of tools Hacking of the National Security Agency. The criminals then used these tools to infect computers with malware.

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Since the NSA and (and Microsoft) have already acknowledged this error, one might think that they would support entities that create an educational website like Monero.

The Monero community stands strong against malware

Since “crypto baiting” attacks are new to site administrators and Internet users in general and sometimes very sophisticated, education has a key role in quickly detecting and responding to security breaches.

Certainly, Monero technology and its conservative community will not condone any malicious activities that will use cryptocurrency to inflict and exploit victims.

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