Circle announces the inclusion of new cryptocurrencies

Circle announces the inclusion of new cryptocurrencies

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Answer Circle announces the inclusion of new cryptocurrencies

Circle has announced the addition of new cryptocurrencies to its Circle Invest platform, bringing the total number of cryptocurrencies listed on the platform to 11.

The platform published a new blog post in which it revealed that the new additions will be EOS coin, Stellar coin, 0x coin and Qtum coin.

She revealed that it will be possible to purchase cryptocurrencies through the Circle Invest platform individually or as part of the investment basket of the platform.

The platform stated that the cryptocurrencies were selected for listing based on their suitability to the asset identification points tracked by the platform. Note that the platform does not receive any money in exchange for listing, in order to ensure the process of selecting the best digital currencies in the market.

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The platform also announced a new feature, which is (Explore), which will help coins to better identify digital currencies before making an investment decision.

Circle cited among the reasons for choosing these cryptocurrencies, that the EOS project has the potential to outperform the Ethereum network in terms of processing transactions per second.

As for the Stellar project, the platform indicated that it provides a solution for financial payments at low cost and high speed, which helps to develop the global payments industry.

Looking at the 0x project, it provides a framework that enables peer-to-peer (P2P) trading on the Ethereum network. Finally, the platform sees Qtum as combining Ethereum and Bitcoin, making it a mixture of digital assets.

Noting that Circle Invest platform was launched last March, and it was able to acquire a market share thanks to its services and what it offers to its clients, which earned it a good reputation in the cryptocurrency community and cryptocurrency trading platforms.

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