Now you can get XRP by creating content on YouTube and Wikipedia

Now you can get XRP by creating content on YouTube and Wikipedia

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Answer Now you can get XRP by creating content on YouTube and Wikipedia

Online content creators will now be able to accept earnings in XRP directly from their users.

Payment for content became possible due to the “Coil” application, which is one of the ideas of “Stefan Thomas”, the former chief technology officer of (Ripple Labs). San Francisco launched the beta version of the “browser extension” of the same name, which allows users to directly support content creators with XRP.

Project Coil

Although the concept was borrowed from Changetip, a pay-for-content support app that had earlier gone out of use, Coil has made some headway by positioning itself as an alternative to the web based on material support from ad-based advertising. It has a lot of websites now.

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“For decades, people have discussed the potential of micropayments to support creators who would push us away from a web of random ads,” Thomas said. Others have created subscription services to pool content. However, small subscription and banking operations have always been set up as closed systems, which have failed to keep large groups of content platforms going.”

“Coil” is the first choice when it comes to paying websites according to the idea of ​​web monetization, a standard powered by “Interledger” that will enable browsers to support websites through payment. To achieve this goal, Coil will be compatible with some of the biggest names in the web industry, including YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitch and the Internet Archive.

Coil has a lot of potential for the application in the future, especially in the case of subscription-based content. There are many discussions in various online forums about websites that offer content based on monthly subscriptions. These subscriptions allow users to access unlimited content on the site. However, the fact remains that users rarely use the entire package. The only suggested solution to address this issue is pay-per-view.

The file provides the use case. A Browser Extension may ask for XRP content to be generated, whether text, video, audio, or otherwise.

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“Visualize Spotify, Uber, or think of ads on the web at a time when there are no other ads within the sites,” one Reddit content creator commented while referring to Coil’s additional features, which include bypassing the debate over it and showing fewer ads. “This is the beginning of the Internet of Valuable Content! The COIL project is big, it’s huge and it deserves the same amount of attention we’re giving Ripple.”

Other giant projects

Can (Coil) with “braveGet rid of ads and rely on small payments. The latter is not an extension but web browser Full featured in itself offers somewhat the same services as Coil via BAT tokens.

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The “Brave” project already has a user base of more than 4 million active people, and the browser offers privacy and ad blocking to increase its appeal to the average crypto user. The project team expects to attract more than 5 million users by the end of this year.

The cryptocurrency market is still young, and there is room for innovation in every project. Coil despite the ceremonial launch could bring about a lot of improvements in future updates. But so far, the micropayments browser can at least enhance the bullish potential of XRP, which is already rising during a strong phase backed by purchasing motives.

And you can ask questions on the content site through the word “Ask a question” at the top of the site, where we answer your questions in a short time

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