The US Navy believes that blockchain technology can enhance the process of tracking aircraft parts

The US Navy believes that blockchain technology can enhance the process of tracking aircraft parts

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Answer The US Navy believes that blockchain technology can enhance the process of tracking aircraft parts

The US Naval Air Force Command (NAVAIR) is currently researching the capabilities of blockchain technology with the goal of creating a mechanism to track parts of an aircraft throughout their lifecycle, according to for its press release.

For the US Air Force’s leadership, changing the way it now tracks its aircraft parts is a critical step that will reduce the high costs involved in producing and operating military aircraft. The current process involves noting details of the parts in the Scheduled Components Card used to record aircraft parts information before it is manually entered into the database.

The US Navy has partnered with Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies (ITAMCO) under their joint research and development cooperation agreement, and the US military hopes to gain “advanced chain code access” as well as create innovative protocols that can “hold data sets” Big” quickly and safely.

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ITAMCO has developed SIMBA Chain, a blockchain system that serves as a platform that provides a secure message tracking service using blockchain technology for the US military.

According to the press release, ITAMCO will help Maritime understand how it leverages a distributed ledger ecosystem for its operations, and in return, the startup will be able to understand how the US Navy operates so it can create an “organized detail architecture” of what a visual supply chain could be. When fully developed.

Developing such a platform for the US Navy would not be easy, and one hurdle to be faced would be the “information and credential assurance” of a distributed information system that would differ from the current centrally controlled database architecture. There is also the “cybersecurity problem”, where the connectivity of all nodes (nodes) that support the supply chain increases the vulnerability of the system.

The US Navy Air Force Command brought in experts and specialists early on to create a system architecture and a complete concept for that project as it hopes to understand the risks and benefits that can come with a connected distribution system, and the Navy’s Fleet Support Team believes the auxiliary blocks can aid the Navy’s mission. Air Force has focused more on safety and at a lower cost than it currently has in the old system.

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“The US Navy is very excited to work with ITAMCO on this blockchain technology that provides improved visibility, anti-tampering, traceability and data transparency in the blockchain,” said George Blackwood, Logistics Management Specialist in the North Island Fleet Support Team. U.S. Navy Air Force supplies.”

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