5 tips for investing in cryptocurrency

5 tips for investing in cryptocurrency

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Answer 5 tips for investing in cryptocurrency

Investing in digital currencies has become popular recently, with some major companies heading to it and the efforts of governments to regulate this emerging market.

However, the experience of investing in the field of digital currencies is not positive and safe for everyone, so we will present to you in Arab Bitcoin a set of basic rules to abide by in the cryptocurrency market.

Planning objectives and investment strategy

When deciding to invest in a digital currency, consider the time or price range you plan on. It is normal to see many fluctuations during this period, as in any financial market.

If you do your research and are sure that the digital currency will reach a certain price, then this is your plan and your goal. As in the time range, if you invest in a currency and your goal is to sell it after 6 months, you have to stick to this date. Having goals and an appropriate investment strategy will make it easier for you to make decisions.

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Always keep your private keys in a safe place

Investing in cryptocurrency requires some attention to detail to protect your money. Private Keys Without them, neither you nor anyone can access your cryptocurrency wallet.

So be sure to write the private key in an external piece of paper and keep it in a safe place to save your investment. Note that some rely on saving their investments in the platforms, but we must note that the method is not safe because these platforms are vulnerable to hacking.

Make sure to enable two-factor authentication (2fa) on the platforms

When you use any of the cryptocurrency trading platforms, be sure to activate two-factor authentication (2FA) to access your account. This comes as it has become easy for hackers to access your basic data (such as your username and password).

For those unfamiliar with two-factor authentication, it is an additional layer of security that requires additional information or code to be generated on another device such as a smartphone.

Most Cryptocurrency buying and selling platforms Supports two-factor authentication option. You can download the Google Authenticator application from the App Store to take advantage of the application, and the application generates a new code every 30 seconds to raise the level of security.

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Be patient

There is a well-known saying in the investing world that “time beats timing”. Everyone knows that anyone who invested in Bitcoin before 2013 or invested in Ethereum in 2016, has made high profits being the first to invest (timing). But time and patience in investing usually balance things out.

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This does not mean that anyone who is patient will achieve profits similar to those who entered at an early stage, but you must be patient in the digital currencies that you trust and search for them.

Do not buy without knowing or reading

Many in the cryptocurrency investing world advise that a person only invest the amount he can afford to lose. The best way to choose the right cryptocurrency is by researching and reading about the project.

A person should be wary of trusting what is written on the Internet and recommendations for buying digital currencies, but the person must develop himself through knowledge of the project, technology, work team, and consulting experts in what he does not know in order to learn.

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