Summary of “Bitcoin Arabs” meeting with the 3commas bot team for automated trading

Summary of “Bitcoin Arabs” meeting with the 3commas bot team for automated trading

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Answer Summary of “Bitcoin Arabs” meeting with the 3commas bot team for automated trading

At “Bitcoin Arab”, we are keen to enrich knowledge about the world of digital and encrypted currencies. Within these steps, we have hosted a work team “3commas” automated trading bot In our Telegram group to talk about bots.


*Hello “Asia” I would like to welcome you to the “Bitcoin Arabs” group and we will be very happy to have you join us in the Arab community and discuss the automated trading bot industry in general, capabilities and offers 3commas . boot.

Asia is the Director of User Acquisition at

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*Can you tell us more about yourself and the 3commas bot?

Of course, the 3commas bot is a multi-trading platform, providing tools that make cryptocurrency trading easier and smarter. We have robots for trading via Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms Like Binance and Huobi, I have noticed that for some users this is a very important question.

Our users provide us with keys and they should not add a drag option to the bot (this is very important). In this case, I often hear a comment like “The bot can use this money to pump and dump” but it is not profitable for us, we are working for the future enough to get a good reputation and a good profit from the business. You can see our team on the homepage, we don’t hide faces and our team is known to everyone.

*Hi Asia, I have a question if we can provide an “Automatic” condition for your trading bot, such as if price reaches at (buy zone) and an indicator (eg RSI below 30) of buy bot and put value of “Take” Profits” and “Stop Loss” at a specific price?

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You can do this on TradingView Signals or what is known as TV Signals.

One for buy, one for take profit and one for stop loss.

Either one to buy and stop (stop loss) and order (take profit) can be set from the “bot” settings, but only in percentages.

*Hi Asia, Thank you for participating in this group. Can you tell us why you should trust 3commas and have you had any security issues before? If not, what will your platform do if there is a security breach (server-side) and that results in some clients losing their money?

Earlier I already told you about the integrity of our platform’s API and that you should enable no-checkout when connecting to the platform via API keys.

Here are some other facts about it..

– Here you can chat with real users and ask their opinion on our Telegram channel and get to know their experience

You can read some articles issued by one of the most important sources on the Internet that do not work with platforms that have security and financial scandals.

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We are a European company and according to our “” policy, banks always have the right to check security, detect fraud, and protect your investment.

*Can you tell us about the upcoming 3commas bot’s initial coin offering (ICO) information?

Right now we don’t have official information about our ICO, stay tuned we will let you know everything new as it happens.

* Dear “Asia”, can I place a lot of orders at one time so that the “3Commas” automated trading bot will execute the order to reach the goal. Even if the full capital already used for a pending order.

On trading platforms such as Bitfinex and Huobi there is a conditional order, you can create up to 100 orders. To set the first equilibrium he will be the one who implements the price condition. If after that another order executes the price condition, then this amount will not be enough and it will fail but if you create such orders, and then the money is used for other purposes, nothing will work.

What indicators will the 3commas bot support in the future? Will we see indicators like RSI, Macd, EMA, Stoch?

It’s still not known yet, but you can use whatever is available on TradingView.

*Do you have a plan to add Trailing Take Profit and Stop Loss to bot services?

Yes, it is in the future plans.

*Can the 3commas bot disable all pending orders if the price drops significantly within a few minutes?

Unfortunately no.

*Well, before concluding, we would like to ask if it is possible to get a special discount for Arab users when using the services of “3commas”?

why not; You are a nice community and it was great to talk to you, I will be sending a special discount in the Arab Bitcoin community soon.

And you can ask questions on the content site through the word “Ask a question” at the top of the site, where we answer your questions in a short time

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