The “Paris Saint-Germain” team intends to launch a digital currency for fans

The “Paris Saint-Germain” team intends to launch a digital currency for fans

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Answer The “Paris Saint-Germain” team intends to launch a digital currency for fans

Paris Saint-Germain, the largest French football team, is planning to issue a special cryptocurrency for the club as a way to stimulate participation from its fans around the world.

The management of the Paris Saint-Germain PSG team, which includes prominent players including Brazilian star “Neymar”, announced a long-term partnership on Tuesday (today) with a Maltese-based startup called “Socios”, which is working to issue cryptocurrencies dedicated to fans through a special technology known as the “Socios” program. “Fan Token”.

According to a French news site, the Parisian team is now looking to set a deadline set in the spring of 2019 to begin issuing its own crypto tokens, which would make it one of the first football clubs in the world to take on the project.

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The report said that the main goal of the Paris Saint-Germain coin is to allow fans who own the token to be able to vote and decide on less strategic sporting matters, such as: market choices of players or squad and team plan in friendlies, and the report added that ownership of the sports currency will give fans More exclusive offers such as meeting with players or participating in certain matches.

By embracing blockchain as the core technology for issuance, the club’s management said the hope is to make the polling process more secure and transparent, with transactions appearing publicly.

Mark Armstrong, the club’s chief partnership officer, commented in the ad saying:

“Paris Saint-Germain is determined to take advantage of the opportunities that crypto-sports can offer. This revolutionary technology will have an important impact on the club’s overall business strategy and the way we engage with our fan base.”

After the French club, other European football clubs appeared seeking to embrace the idea of ​​​​blockchain technology and support cryptocurrencies.

And the “CoinDesk” news platform reported that last month, 7 major clubs in the English Premier League, including “Newcastle United”, “Crystal Palace” and “Leicester City”, the winner of the Miraculous League before the previous year, showed their interest in that idea, which was confirmed by their Brahim, a deal with eToro is an online investment company to allow the payment of physical commitments in Bitcoin.

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In August 2018, the European Football Association, known as UEFA, said it was seeking to address this issue with a “successful” experiment aimed at issuing tickets based on blockchain for a match between two prominent Spanish clubs.

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