University of Malta launches scholarships for blockchain technology majors

University of Malta launches scholarships for blockchain technology majors

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Answer University of Malta launches scholarships for blockchain technology majors

Malta continues to take the lead in the crypto and blockchain sector with a new development in higher education across the University of Malta.

The University of Malta, in cooperation with the Malta Agency for Information Technology, announced a new agreement that provides for the provision of a fund of 300,000 euros to students wishing to continue their studies in the field of blockchain for the next academic year.

The fund will be available to students in the fields of information and communications technology, law, finance and engineering, with scholarships to be divided over three years.

Thus, students can start their studies in the next academic year at the University of Malta and benefit from scholarships at the master’s and doctoral levels in areas related to blockchain technology and DLT technology.

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In this context, the Minister of Digital Economy stated that the grant will support the great efforts aimed at attracting more blockchain companies to Malta, by providing the necessary skills and human resources locally.

He added: “These companies need technical resources to develop and use blockchain technology, as well as experts in financial and legal services. Therefore, we look forward to filling these jobs by citizens and to be an essential part in the expansion of companies and the growth of the blockchain industry in the country.”

A spokesperson for the University of Malta added that our partnership with the agency aims to ensure that educational programs are provided in line with the government’s strategy to make Malta a major blockchain island.

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The agency will also be a key partner in the Delta Summit, an October event that embraces a range of digital innovations related to blockchain technology.

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