A new hack for a cryptocurrency platform and customer data leakage

A new hack for a cryptocurrency platform and customer data leakage

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Answer A new hack for a cryptocurrency platform and customer data leakage

The system of a cryptocurrency exchange in Brazil has been hacked, and although the company claims that users’ funds are safe, the personal data of more than 264,000 customers has been leaked.

The news of the hack was published via a video clip posted on one of the channels on the YouTube platform, in which he explained that the Brazilian Atlas platform has approximately 14,500 users currently and owns a total of 5813 bitcoins deposited in the platform, and this amount is estimated at more than 39 million dollars.

In recognition of the incident, the Atlas platform issued a statement revealing the start of investigations and its cooperation with the relevant authorities to reveal the details of the incident, adding that despite the hackers’ ability to leak users’ data, users’ funds are still safe.

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The platform added, “We would like to point out that no cryptocurrency theft or breach of our wallet has taken place. However, the customer database was compromised, and we took the immediate steps necessary to protect the platform.”

Atlas platform announced that it will take new security measures in the coming hours, and for “security reasons” withdrawals on the platform will be restricted.

Atlas Cryptocurrency Platform

Atlas was known as a controversial platform in Brazil, thanks to its bot “Atlas Quantum”, which allows individuals to deposit cryptocurrencies and the bot performs arbitrage trading and takes advantage of opportunities on different platforms.

This bot is designed to take advantage of the price difference between different cryptocurrency exchanges, and distribute these profits to users.

The platform claims that investing $1,000 in its platform will yield gains of 2% in 15 days, and up to 43% per year.

This has led many to believe that it is primarily operating on a fraudulent Ponzi system similar to Bitconnect, as it offers a consistent and continuous profit model.

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