New Featured Partnership Pushes IOTA to the Rise

New Featured Partnership Pushes IOTA to the Rise

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Answer New Featured Partnership Pushes IOTA to the Rise

At a time when the cryptocurrency market is witnessing positive stability in recent days, as the market size increased from 213 billion to 218 billion dollars, many major coins witnessed great gains such as IOTA coin, ICON coin and WanChain coin, impressive gains.

Japanese giant Fujitsu – a company working in the field of information technology – issued a working paper explaining the uses of blockchain technology and the focus was on the role of IOTA coin As a convenient means of storing immutable data.

The Japanese giant is expected to integrate its information technology with IOTA project technology in the manufacturing and distribution sectors to raise the level of transparency and raise the level of data trust and security.

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The paper released by Fujitsu stated: “We at Fujitsu are well-prepared to help launch IOTA as a new protocol, as we are experts in areas such as IT services and IT-enabled product manufacturing.”

witnessed IOTA coin price An increase of 18%, and the market value of the IOTA project jumped to $1.8 billion, according to data available in CoinMarketCap website.

Cryptocurrency market in general

Over the past days and despite the rise of many cryptocurrencies, some have expressed their concerns about declining trading volumes in the cryptocurrency market. Specifically, the volume of bitcoin trading was close to 4.5 billion last week, reaching levels of $3.5 billion.

The trading volumes of other major currencies such as Ripple and Ethereum witnessed a significant decrease in trading volumes, as the trading volume on the Ethereum currency reached 1.3 billion dollars, after it exceeded two billion dollars last week.

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