North Korea hosts its first blockchain, digital and cryptocurrency conference

North Korea hosts its first blockchain, digital and cryptocurrency conference

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Answer North Korea hosts its first blockchain, digital and cryptocurrency conference

The country of North Korea, which has been hit by international sanctions, has announced its plans to host the first international conference of its kind in the country focusing on blockchain technologies, digital currencies, and cryptocurrencies in October. The event is scheduled to be held on the first of next October in the capital, Pyongyang, to extend for two days.

The conference is expected to attract many blockchain experts from all over the world, and not enough information has been announced yet about how to visit the conference for those interested from around the world, as North Korea has strict laws regarding visiting the country for tourism and attending events.

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The conference will be attended by North Korean business leaders, and the country aims by hosting the conference to show the technological capabilities of the North Korean state.

The relationship of the North Korean regime in the field of cryptocurrency

Earlier this year, a report by the Korea Development Bank – a state-run financial institution in South Korea – claimed that evidence showed that the North Korean regime had set up crypto-mining farms last year, and the initiative is said to have failed and the reasons have not been explained.

And in February of this year, some news emerged that North Korea sponsored a number of hackers who stole many digital and encrypted currencies from trading platforms last year or through electronic fraud. – ReadTips to avoid scams –

This news was not new. In September last year, a cybersecurity firm, FireEye, warned that North Korea was sponsoring “hackers” who targeted cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea with the aim of stealing cryptocurrency and the platform.

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