Learn about the importance of the Internet of Value (IoV) and its relationship to digital currencies

Learn about the importance of the Internet of Value (IoV) and its relationship to digital currencies

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Answer Learn about the importance of the Internet of Value (IoV) and its relationship to digital currencies

If you have been following technology news and news related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, then most likely you have heard of a new term which is Internet of value (Internet of value).

The Internet of Value (IoV) is a type of global, distributed ledger that runs on millions of computers around the world that will store, transact and transmit anything of value in a secure manner.

aim Internet of Value (IoV) To process anything that has value such as stocks, assets, intellectual property rights, or scientific discoveries immediately as we process information.

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The vision behind this new concept is to solve the problem of slow, costly and unreliable processes. Where, for example, an international money transfer can take 3 to 5 days and the average cost is $42.

But by implementing the concept of the Internet of Value (IoV), you can process financial transactions instantly, just like someone who shares words, photos or videos via video.

Today, most of the financial transactions we make through major apps such as Uber for transportation or Amazon for online shopping require a “third party” intermediary such as a bank or service provider to process these transactions, making them more expensive.

Therefore, blockchain technology will play a major role in implementing the concept of the Internet of Value (IoV) by cutting off intermediaries and allowing us to carry out operations directly between individuals, reducing cost, saving time and greatly increasing security.

With the increasing adoption of blockchain technology on a large scale, we are expected to witness rapid growth in the Internet of Value (IoV). But there is still Some obstacles to the adoption of blockchain technologyIt may be a matter of time until it is eradicated.

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The importance of the Internet of Value (IoV) to us

As we are on the verge of a new technological revolution, we must know what these technologies offer us and how we can benefit from them in developing our working and personal lives.

Today, there are many projects based on blockchain technology and thousands of different digital currencies, but what value services do you provide to us? There must be a clear, achievable and significant goal in our world to maintain.

For us as individuals, the Internet of Value (IoV) will solve a range of problems we face, the most important of which are:

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  • SafetyCentral operations carried out through a “third party” are subject to hacking or theft.
  • Efficiency: Central operations depend on a number of traditional operations that hinder the progress of the transaction, and this may take days to process some assets.
  • FeeCentral operations depend mainly on fees

Therefore, we are facing a new revolution capable of improving different sectors, but it is still at an early stage of adoption. Some governments are beginning to research and lead the scientific sector in the development of Internet technology and Internet of Value (IoV), but we are still at a very early stage.

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