Hackers Hack McAfee Cryptocurrency Wallet

Hackers Hack McAfee Cryptocurrency Wallet

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Answer Hackers Hack McAfee Cryptocurrency Wallet

A group of hackers have claimed to have hacked the Bitfi cryptocurrency wallet, which John McAfee – a cybersecurity specialist – had previously announced as the world’s first non-hackable digital wallet.

It is a funny irony that John McAfee, the owner of the most famous anti-virus and device protection program from hacking, said a few weeks ago, “The wallet storage system will be the first of its kind in the world, will be absolutely impenetrable and will be a near technological miracle.”

A prize of a quarter of a million dollars has been set for whoever hacks the wallet, and the hacker has been presented with a prize of 10 thousand dollars, and this prize will rise once the second part related to accessing the platform is completed completely and knowing the secret codes for each account with a new condition that is not to be hacked. The discovery of this access by the parent company (McAfee) and that all hacks are carried out with complete confidentiality.

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In fact, the hacking team was able to enter the database and change the messages between users and wallets, and according to the news, the hacking operations were carried out by the collective efforts of the whole team and not for a specific individual.

The strange thing is also that whoever hacked the accounts obtained a supervisor membership within the platform, and the platform did not discover the matter until 14 days after the hack, and the delay in discovering this problem made matters worse, and some experts described it as a serious security problem after discovering all the tracking data for users, including the IP address, accessed address and multiple Wi-Fi data.

All of these hacks led to a negative environment around the company and also made a bad reputation due to the recurrence of the matter recently, but the company described this as an invisible effort to eliminate piracy and to make the platform unspeakably safe, and they are attempts to improve and develop. – Learn about the best wallets for Bitcoin and other digital currencies

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