Learn about the 10 most famous personalities in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain

Learn about the 10 most famous personalities in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain

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Answer Learn about the 10 most famous personalities in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain

There are thousands of people around the world who work in the field of digital currencies on a daily basis, and the development of this industry is their only job, only job and source of permanent income.

These are the most powerful and fortunate people that we will highlight through the Arab Bitcoin website, not necessarily the richest and the richest, but only the most influential people in the field of cryptocurrency.

The 10 Most Influential People in the Cryptocurrency Industry

1- Gavin Anderson

Gavin began developing Bitcoin at an early stage, and mentioned in more than one interview about his direct relationship with Satoshi Nakamoto, and the method of communication Other anonymous people to write the code for Bitcoin. Gavin is considered one of the most influential people with the ability to change the course of Bitcoin and also the richest programmer who has made a fortune through cryptocurrency trading.

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2- Roger Ver

One of the pioneers of Bitcoin and one of the first people to witness the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 and watch its growth day by day, Roger is also known as one of the pioneers and investors in Bitcoin related projects in its early days.

Roger is now known as a supporter of Bitcoin Cash – a fork of Bitcoin – and is keen to focus on transfer fee solutions for payments and transfer speed. Learn the differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

3- Vitalik Buterin

The Russian-Canadian engineer Buterin is the founder and launcher of the Ethereum network and one of the influential in the world of the Blockchain, and it is difficult to find someone who did not know or did not see a statement by Petroin, he started at a very young age and therefore is one of the youngest men on our list today, but his insightful vision in previous years is what helped him reach for current success. The most important reasons why Ethereum is technically superior to Bitcoin

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4- Charlie Lee

A former developer who worked for Google and is the brother of the CEO of BTC CHINA, but let’s know him by a simpler name, he is the founder of Litecoin and invests in a number of other digital currencies.

Lee also previously worked at Coinbase, which works in the field of cryptocurrency trading, and has previously announced that he has sold all of his Litecoin.

5- Nick Sabo

He is the first person in the world to explore the possibility of implementing smart contracts, crypto security systems, and advanced digital currencies. Can you believe that it started in 1998, a lot of people believe that Sabo is the real character behind Satoshi Nakamoto and he also has many articles talking about the cryptocurrency invasion of the financial markets.

6- Brian Armstrong

He is one of the 100 most famous personalities around the world, and one of the first people to witness the launch of Bitcoin in its infancy. He is known as the founder of the Coinbase platform and has large scientific degrees in computer software as well as business administration and worked with many software companies to develop crypto systems.

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7- Andreas Antopoulos

It is not a requirement to be one of the influential people in the cryptocurrency world to be one of the wealthy or developers in the field of digital and cryptocurrency.

Andreas has gained his fame and influence by posting articles and data about cryptocurrency in ways that no one has done before, and he is also one of the best motivators to do cryptocurrency trading in the best possible way.

8- Eric Voorhees

Founder of many companies in the field of digital currencies such as Quinabolt Satoshi Dice and his current ambition revolve around his desire to eliminate the piracy problem and increase security as much as possible.

He is currently the CEO of ShapeShift, a platform that aims to facilitate the handling and access of cryptocurrencies to the public.

9- Alex Tapscott

The wealthy businessman and author is the son of the author, and is known for his work on blockchain applications such as cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Known as the co-founder and CEO of investment company NextBlock, he is also the co-founder of the Bitcoin Research Foundation.

10- Adam Buck

Programmer and known as the founder of HashCash – a PoW system used by a number of projects – He is also the head of Blockstream, a company that develops bitcoin and blockchain technology in general.

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