5 Cryptocurrency Trading Apps You Should Try Now

5 Cryptocurrency Trading Apps You Should Try Now

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Answer 5 Cryptocurrency Trading Apps You Should Try Now

According to Google data, the number of mobile phone users is five times greater than the users of personal computers of all kinds.

This large number has made it necessary for companies and developers to make applications that take care of their daily needs and also help the cryptocurrency trading community to do their work correctly and in an integrated manner, such as shortening some time or adding charts that show all the information in a simplified way or other methods, and also no one carries The computer has 24 hours, but everyone can access the mobile phone in the fastest way possible, and today we have a list of the most important applications for cryptocurrency trading.

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Crypto News App

It is one of the applications specialized in publishing recent news at the time of its occurrence and by transferring directly from the source to the user. This application is concerned with news of the blockchain, cryptocurrency projects, initial offerings of projects and new digital currencies.
The Crypto News application provides you with a permanent search for news and market developments, and it has many options such as sending messages to your e-mail or alerts to the phone screen, and the matter does not stop at the news only, but the application publishes prices and the value of the current currencies with an indication of the value of the rise or fall.

To download the application on Android

Blockfolio تطبيق Application

This smart application provides users with the ability to monitor the prices of most of the digital currencies in the market of all kinds, and the matter is not limited to monitoring, as it makes it easier for the trader in the world of digital currencies by determining the average profits/losses of each currency with the ability to know the instant price in all trading platforms, and it has many Display methods such as infographics and infographics.

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To download the application on Android

To download the application on iOS

Reddit platform

The Reddit platform is a community of various topics, including crypto and cryptocurrencies, in which many topics are discussed, as well as the constant transfer of experiences between traders, projects and developers.

With the possibility of receiving news and data to your personal account, it is true that the news in it cannot be considered 100% correct because many articles are made by users and therefore you should not rely on news here, but it is a suitable source for getting to know the opinions of the community.

To download the application on iOS

To download the application on Android

Tradingview app

It is a very friendly application for those interested in cryptocurrency trading, allowing users to view the chart and add indicators suitable for the technical analyst or the novice in the field.

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To download the application on iOS

Investing . app

Starting to trade digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple requires frequent reviews of the history of the currencies from their inception until the current day, and this is what the application does permanently, as it shows in the form of a graph the price of the currency that is chosen with the specified time period to be watched.

What is unique here is the ability to determine the daily amount, that is, gained or lost during the entire day. One of the advantages of the application is also the presence of a tool that converts currencies and their price compared to the dollar, the pound sterling, the Chinese yen or any other currency.

To download the application on iOS

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