The 9 richest personalities in the world of digital and cryptocurrency

The 9 richest personalities in the world of digital and cryptocurrency

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Answer The 9 richest personalities in the world of digital and cryptocurrency

Knowing the richest people in the field of cryptocurrency investment is not easy, due to the nature of the work of the crypto system that is keen to hide customer data in a very large way, but the matter becomes clearer the larger the amount and you become one of the 100 richest men at least.

It will be much more difficult to hide the amount or your true personality, and the true wealth of these people lies in many different factors for each of them.

The 9 richest personalities in the digital and cryptocurrency market

1- Satoshi Nakamoto

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In a study conducted by RSKYou mentioned that Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto owns more than 980,000 Bitcoins and their value exceeds $6.3 billion. But doubts still swirl about whether Satoshi was a single person, organization or company.

2- Chris Larsen

He is the founder of the Ripple currency, and it does not stop here, but Chris is a talent scout and patent holder in the field of cryptocurrency development. Figures indicate that Chris owns 5.2 billion Ripple currency alone in addition to his other investments in the cryptocurrency market.

3- Joseph Lubin

He is known as the co-founder of the Ethereum network as well as the . project consesSys, which aspires to make encryption available to all uses around the world. Canadian Joseph succeeded in amassing a fortune of nearly $ 5 billion, due to his high intelligence in the field of digital currencies and programming.

4- Changpeng Peng Zhao

And because investing in cryptocurrency needs a lot of intelligence, Zhao created the Binance platform very early, which is one of the largest platforms around the world, and launched the currency of the platform (BNB), which bears the name of the company in 2017, and his fortune is believed to be just under $2 billion.

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5- Twins Cameron and Taylor Winklevoss

Many Bitcoin investors have a long history in technology and other applications in general, the twins Cameron and Taylor won a lawsuit on Facebook and received a compensation of 365 million dollars that helped them transfer their brains of ideas to the ground, the brothers who are skilled in investing in cryptocurrency they have today Wealth estimated at about one billion US dollars.

6- Matthew Roszak

He is known as the founder of a number of investment companies and has investments in well-known platforms such as Coinbase and Kraken. It is considered The co-founder of Tally Capital, which in turn invests in about 20 other companies, has cryptocurrencies estimated at about $1 billion, and he is one of the oldest and most experienced people in the world of cryptocurrency investing.

7- Antoine de Yorio

One of the founders and the first investors in Ethereum, a distinguished young man who has the ability to distinguish currencies that will succeed in its initial stages and has economic capabilities that enable him to invest digital currencies in very innovative ways than any other businessman, he mentions that his investments are concentrated in many currencies such as zcash, Qtum and VeChain and Ethereum. It is worth noting that his fortune is close to 1 billion dollars.

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8- Brian Armstrong

He is the founder of the Coinbase platform, and his fortune is estimated at about $900 million by contributing to the Coinbase platform, and he is also one of the first people to support the idea of ​​making the currency available for use by all the public and individuals in an easy way.

9- Brock Pierce

One of the early investors in the world of digital and cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, and is known to have started his career in the field of acting. Through his travels and tours in the field, he was able to He amassed a fortune estimated at about $800 million.

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