An ethical hacker discovers a vulnerability in the Augur platform

An ethical hacker discovers a vulnerability in the Augur platform

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Answer An ethical hacker discovers a vulnerability in the Augur platform

Hacker and security researcher Vyacheslav Snezhkov discovered a vulnerability that creates fake data to enter the user interface of the AUGUR platform.

This discovery came through the rewards campaign program provided by HackerOne, through which developers enter many sites and platforms to make attempts to hack sites and change their data, and then communicate with the site’s administration itself to clarify the defect and obtain a fee for it.

Thus, the ethical hacker discovered the main weakness in the Augur decentralized prediction market that was built on the Ethereum network, and the platform was noted to work on resolving the flaw.

Vyacheslav said that the vulnerability that the hackers were using was only inside the platform’s hidden framework, and could have extended to tampering with smart contracts used within the platforms.

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The company also rewarded the ethical hacker Vyacheslav with $5,000 for discovering this vulnerability, but it assigned the task of developing the platform and correcting the error to the platform’s engineers and programmers, and it seems that it is a step from it to not allow anyone from outside the company to enter its database.

So far, there is no evidence that any amounts have been stolen, or a change in the data has occurred, and there are no complaints from anyone, according to the platform’s knowledge so far.

And that the company will work to fill this loophole, but it advised existing customers to obtain the latest version of the client version available to them, especially since the presence of a loophole on the site has become very widespread news within many circles that deal in Ethereum and Bitcoin currencies in particular and cryptocurrency traders in general.

And this is not the first time that vulnerabilities have been found in cryptocurrency trading platforms, almost all currencies have been hacked at some point and most platforms have failed to block cryptographic attacks, but no one can deny at all that every hacking operation takes place. Failed against it.

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