Dubai government seeks to establish first court run by blockchain technology

Dubai government seeks to establish first court run by blockchain technology

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Answer Dubai government seeks to establish first court run by blockchain technology

Dubai’s court and judicial system aspires to be fully managed by blockchain technology, as the Dubai courts have announced their plan to establish the world’s first integrated court managed by blockchain technology, and this step will be with the assistance of the government to establish the smart system, which will be the first precursor to future plans 2021.

The Dubai Authority also stated that the future will depend heavily on collective energy and will bring the most efficient people from around the world to the United Arab Emirates fully.

The bodies that were formed with the full support of the Prime Minister will form an integrated work team to develop security systems based on the blockchain, issue smart contracts that include the results of pleadings and public cases, send and receive government documents from other international courts, as well as facilitate judicial processes for citizens and delete double and duplicate data.

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Amina Al Owais, CEO of the Dubai Courts Board of Directors, said that after the application of blockchain technology, the city will become one of the first countries in the areas of legal and judicial innovation with the creation of global standards that any country can follow.

What is also new is that Dubai has established a joint operations room in which it brings together expertise and experience with more than one legal center and devise means to investigate problems arising from public and governmental conflicts and between individuals and each other.

Also, the Dubai Smart Library was established very quickly, with the aim of creating a pool known as the Dubai Encrypted Strategy, and the place will be fully built for decentralized systems, including the judiciary sector, courts, financial payment systems, land and real estate ownership records, flight and ship reservations for tourists and citizens.

All of this comes within the Dubai Central Initiative, which aspires to run all government systems and sectors on blockchain technology by 2021.

Creating such a system and these capabilities requires a set of procedures, regulatory rules and the high capabilities of many technological devices, starting with artificial intelligence systems and ending with the server on which the data is stored.

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Umniah Al Owais also added that the overlap of encryption systems with court systems in Dubai allows the first court to be managed in this way to be unleashed, to implement judgments as quickly as possible, and to stay away as much as possible from unwanted red tape and bureaucracy within government corridors.

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