How Facebook can take advantage of the blockchain to solve security problems

How Facebook can take advantage of the blockchain to solve security problems

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Answer How Facebook can take advantage of the blockchain to solve security problems

Recently, there has been talk about the problems that the Facebook site security system can cause, which is the password, email or phone number, and thus the possibility of Facebook using the blockchain system to protect the data and accounts in it has appeared on the scene.

Last month, Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Facebook, represented in lengthy investigative sessions before the US House of Representatives, Mark, who was accused of issuing leaks to Cambridge Analytica to analyze users’ interests and use them according to what analysts see in the election campaign for the presidency of the United States of America, where the user is directed towards false news. As well as the defamation of the opposite competition, “Hillary Clinton,” as well as Facebook’s use of false and false news, and this affected the conduct of the elections significantly.

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True identity verification errors

One of the most serious problems that appeared to Facebook is the problem of fake accounts that are used by many people, some of these individuals influence public opinion and spread fake links through Facebook groups, and despite the introduction of Facebook to artificial intelligence systems and the deletion of many fake accounts, it is She still has a long way to go to fight it once and for all.

To solve this problem, it seems that it will be the development of a protection system based on blockchain technology to ensure the identity of the person is real, and Facebook will be able to track and monitor fake accounts, and the blockchain system will be able to protect faster and better than the current system.

Creator Reward

It is not new at all, there is Steam network built on the blockchain system, which sends rewards to the person with the most votes, and since the largest number of votes will go to the person who is useful and who provides the largest possible service, the votes will go to real people with real accounts and in this way can be classified Only real actors.

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Facebook can play this role as well and offer prizes to people who are socially influential and useful to others as much as possible. Facebook’s role will not only stop at this point, but notorious individuals will be discovered and punished by delaying their accounts as much as possible and sending them to garbage containers, and the network will be cleansed of fake accounts and people who provide false and false news .

Finding the origin of journalistic bias

It is one of the uses of the Blockchain that is used to track journalists permanently and deliver all their information to the readers in the main. The encryption system analyzes a person’s reputation based on a set of opinions and uses this opinion if searching for data belonging to this person, so let’s say that someone was a supporter of Samsung and sent Data about the company or any article about it. The platform will send the person’s data to the company, which provides an opportunity for communication between companies and potential employees. Of course, this system will have a tool to report any abuse that may be issued by any person.

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All of the above are just suggestions that Facebook can use, but the good thing is that using the Facebook blockchain system to identify the real user from the fake one, analysts believe, is a good thing, and these steps will also result in the spread of real content that is more realistic than viral content that is of no use at all.

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