Learn about the first football club to decide to pay the salaries of its players with “digital currencies”

Learn about the first football club to decide to pay the salaries of its players with “digital currencies”

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Answer Learn about the first football club to decide to pay the salaries of its players with “digital currencies”

Digital and cryptocurrencies have spread widely in recent months, until the Japanese company “GMO” announced the option to receive salaries in Bitcoin if employees wish to do so, and many began to head to this world, whether to invest or to benefit from technologies, services and others.

But it seems that the cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency has reached the sports and football sector, where Gibraltar United, in the Premier League, announced that it is the first football team to pay its players with cryptocurrencies starting from the next season.

It is worth noting that the owner of the team, Pablo Dana, is one of the investors in the Quantocoin project, which aims to bring the uses of cryptocurrencies into the daily needs of the individual, and is also a sponsor in the field of football and athletes.

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Note that Gibraltar has embraced the financial sector in the world of blockchain, led by the state, where the government has introduced a number of regulations and regulations for companies that use blockchain technology, and is still working on introducing a regulatory framework for the initial coin offering (ICO) phase.

Transparency in the world of football

Gibraltar, as a country, hopes to bring regulation and regulation into the cryptocurrency world. “Gibraltar wants to bring more transparency to the world of football, and blockchain technology is able to fight corruption in the sport,” Dana stated.

The cryptocurrency option is also a suitable option for foreign players who face difficulties in setting up a bank account in Gibraltar, and exempts them from paying bank fees.

Cryptocurrency and the world of football

It is worth noting that London club Arsenal previously signed a sponsorship deal with CashBet last January. A number of projects have emerged recently that aim to create a new channel of communication between athletes and the public, and give them options to purchase tickets or club products at a lower cost.

The players also began to move from the world of stadiums to cryptocurrencies, as Didier Drogba appeared earlier this month as an ambassador for the project, a social network based on crypto and digital currencies.

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The famous Brazilian player, Ronaldinho, announced last week a new project called “Ronaldinho Football”, which aims to build a platform for betting in the world of football using cryptocurrencies.

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