You can hold the citizenship of that country for only 12 bitcoins!

You can hold the citizenship of that country for only 12 bitcoins!

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Answer You can hold the citizenship of that country for only 12 bitcoins!

Have you ever wanted to obtain citizenship of another country in exchange for cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin?! Have you heard of a country that gives citizenship to anyone in exchange for Bitcoin?!

Now it has become a reality, as the state announced Antigua About opening the door to obtaining state citizenship in exchange for 12 bitcoin, all of this comes after the amendment of immigration and nationalities laws by government legislation, the matter is not limited to bitcoin only, but citizenship can be obtained in exchange for any type of cryptocurrency, this decision was announced by President Ministers, Minister of Finance and some partnerships between the private and public sector.

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More cryptocurrency holders

According to local sources, this decision aims to make the country an attractive home for coin holders and adding the Bitcoin payment method will make the country a source for the migration of cryptocurrency traders. An official source also said that the goal is to expand the digital and cryptocurrency market in the country, and that the cryptocurrencies that will be earned will be converted directly into US dollars to avoid currency fluctuation.

Also, Antigua qualifies all individuals to work with the government in cryptocurrency trading for $400,000 thousand or to contribute certain amounts to the country’s national fund in return for investing in it. This is not the first time that bitcoin has been approved for countries and government organizations, the West Indies have already announced the start of a project that allows bitcoin transfers in exchange for government services.

The Minister of International Trade and Immigration also expressed that this project will mitigate the attack on the islands as a tax haven, because the government will work on the necessary traceable blockchain systems.

The island, which has a boom and growth in the gaming industry sectors, is seen as the focus of money laundering and crime gangs in the region.

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The discussion and the announcement of Al Jazeera’s news ended with the words of the Prime Minister, as follows: “Here in Antigua, we announce that we are always facing recent developments. We are the leaders, future makers and fashion makers in the country.”

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