Google wants to integrate its cloud services into blockchain technology

Google wants to integrate its cloud services into blockchain technology

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Answer Google wants to integrate its cloud services into blockchain technology

In the near future, it will become much easier and better to deal with blockchain technology, especially for users of Google services, after cooperating with the company (Digital Asset), which specializes in encryption systems and distributed startup programs.

Google announced on Monday that Digital Asset Company It will provide its services and tools on Google’s cloud storage software, helping to build cryptographic applications without having to access the main systems.

Google said, according to the head of the financial services department, that Digital Asset has great experience in the development of encryption services systems and many other systems, and he added that with this cooperation, Google aspires to help users in all areas, not only in the financial services sector, and that enthusiasm is spreading. around after completing this transaction.

Digital Asset also expressed its admiration for the work in progress and that they and Google will do everything they can to get started very quickly, and will help programmers to open the door to all ideas and theses related to crypto technology, and former JP MORGAN director Bleitemasters said that this agreement will soon reduce technical barriers The technology facing blockchain developers.

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He also expressed that this contract will lead to more users using Google services, and that this service will be available through the application market in the cloud services of “Google”.

Google is now proud of this service provided by it at an acceleration as well as that it has taken a new step that will allow developers full access to the tools to help build and publish advanced applications on the blockchain.

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