Oracle, the information technology company, enters the world of blockchain

Oracle, the information technology company, enters the world of blockchain

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Answer Oracle, the information technology company, enters the world of blockchain

The global Oracle company launched its latest services in the world of blockchain, as this service was revealed last month, and Thomas Corin, head of Oracle product development, explained that this system will be integrated with many other services based on the company’s website.

It is noteworthy that this service came after years of studying the market, analyzing competitors and understanding all the financial and social conditions of users, and now it is time to launch and will provide Oracle Blockchain Cloud service to allow customers to build and test their networks. The company explained that this service will be part of its platform, and other services will be added, such as programming to test smart contracts.
The Executive Vice President expressed that this step is the result of years of research and development with partners and customers, and that the company will enhance the current operations and start developing its systems completely and the storage service provided by the company will make it easier for users to deal with networks with greater transparency and in an easier way than before.
All of these steps are the result of Oracle’s partnership and cooperation with the Linux company, the owner of operating systems versions, and it will provide it with many open source codes to modify or add new codes, and this will be used to increase the speed of the systems and better collect customer data.
Oracle also introduces a new, one-of-a-kind SaaS blockchain service that allows users to fully track, trace, secure, and identify the source of the message. Existing Oracle customers praise the company’s capabilities in terms of security systems.

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20 companies have tested the service from Oracle

Where the CEO of Cargo Smart explained that his company will use the platform frequently and permanently and that the Oracle platform on the blockchain allowed the creation of workable models and was tested over a period of 3 months and the company saw profits of more than 30% compared to previous systems.
Certified Origins, Head of Operations, said that this service greatly simplifies the cooperation of all individuals and helps their cooperation, and that it represents a more competitive advantage and will add another level of transparency and valuable information.
It is noteworthy that Oracle has branches in 145 countries worldwide and was founded in 1977 by Larry Ellison.

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