Didier Drogba from the stadiums to the world of digital and cryptocurrency

Didier Drogba from the stadiums to the world of digital and cryptocurrency

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Answer Didier Drogba from the stadiums to the world of digital and cryptocurrency

The Ivorian footballer Didier Drogba, the former English Chelsea player, has joined the list of athletes in the world of digital and cryptocurrency.

According to Russian sources, the Ivorian player has become the official ambassador of the network Drogba hopes to bring the project to very far places, as he described it, and he published a picture of him bearing the network’s logo to show his support for it.

The company with a market capital of 100 million dollars, which achieved profits estimated at 35 million dollars last year, shares 50% of its profits based on various factors such as popularity and activity in the company. Its founder is Artak Tovamanyan, the honorary consul of Armenia.

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How Did Didier Drogba Became a Goodwill Ambassador

Ivory Coast was mired in violence, killings, civil wars, and all the problems revolving around national identity, unemployment and other neglected matters, after the country qualified for the 2006 World Cup. After one year, his efforts yielded the goals he had always dreamed of, and the government and the opposition sects signed a peace agreement, and he was chosen as a goodwill ambassador from the United Nations.

The Ivorian elephant who was awarded the African Player of the Year twice has set up his own foundation and donated £3 million to build a hospital in his town. Not forward.

Drogba is not the first to participate in the cryptocurrency markets

Last year, Luis Suarez posted a photo to introduce Stox Which can be considered the best place to predict the future of digital currencies. As announced by the player Luis Figo that Become an ambassador for the Strykz project.

Also, the former Brazilian football star Ronaldinho announced last week his intention to launch a new digital currency within the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin project. Which aims to become the common digital currency of the world of football.

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