Brazil arrests gang laundering money with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Brazil arrests gang laundering money with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

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Answer Brazil arrests gang laundering money with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

The Brazilian police announced today that they had arrested a gang of 12 people carrying out (money laundering) coming from East and South Asian, African and European countries used for drug trafficking using Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and digital currencies.

According to private sources, the gang was arrested in an operation called Antigone, in cooperation with the country’s tax authority, with the help of more than 100 police, issuing 15 arrest warrants, 21 search warrants, and several investigations and observations, in three Brazilian cities, namely São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santos.

This campaign of arrests came after prosecutions and investigations that lasted for nearly a year, and it began after the Brazilian authorities seized a shipment of cocaine estimated at 4 tons, which was destined for the European and American markets, coming from the farms of Colombia and Bolivia, which made the authorities search for the sources of these shipments and ways to distribute them.

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Brazil was used as an escape route, and payments were sent to gang members via bitcoin and digital cryptocurrencies in order to escape the means of legal prosecution and to avoid detection of large cash movements.

Those arrested include businessmen, airport employees, truck drivers and ex-criminals. The police refused to disclose the amount of money collected and made it classified information.

The representative of the Federal Police clarified that the gang is linked to gatherings and other gang members and dealers in Bitcoin and virtual currencies, who will be covered by investigations soon, and that cocaine was seized inside Belgium, Italy and Spain, and also said: The gang established fake companies for the shipment of drugs and also shipped through other companies. .

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It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that criminals have used crypto and digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to launder money through them, but have been preceded by larger gangs and other businessmen.

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