Opera Browser Adds Ethereum Digital Wallet to Browser on Android

Opera Browser Adds Ethereum Digital Wallet to Browser on Android

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Answer Opera Browser Adds Ethereum Digital Wallet to Browser on Android

Yesterday, Wednesday, Opera Company announced the start of tests to add the digital Ethereum wallet on the browser interface, and thus the company will become the first browser to take this step, previously Google, Firefox and Yandex.

The company added that it will be released experimentally to Android browsers first, then iOS and desktop systems, and users will be able to access their own applications such as other wallets or sites for investing in cryptocurrency, trading platforms or even decentralized applications in addition to saving encrypted tokens and fully protecting user privacy .

In a statement, the company said, “Tomorrow’s networks will rely heavily on the current Internet.” With this step, the company aims to expand the role of the browser, transforming it from a tool for fetching data and compatibility with other content to conducting financial transactions, expanding its goals and roles, as well as developing ways to give users better ways. To control coins.

This is not one of the first steps of Opera Company in the field of preserving user privacy, but rather it has put an extension in the browser that prevents mining from your browser without your permission, and thus it works directly to support the field of digital and encrypted currencies and find suitable solutions for adoption.

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It also announced that it will continuously develop the wallet to include the addition of other currencies such as Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin and other digital and crypto currencies.

The company added, “Privacy is the most important aspect of encryption and is very important for browsers, and the goal of this step is to provide better control for users as well as increase security for the keys that are placed in the wallet.”

Opera stated that in addition to the feature of saving private keys, Opera adds a new feature, which is the permission from the user before disclosing his personal information to individual cryptocurrency investment sites, all to prevent cases of hacking and data theft of users.

This step comes after there are documents proving that a number of digital and cryptocurrency projects and in the field of blockchain have bought a large share of the shares of Opera. It was also revealed earlier that the $12 billion company Bitmain has invested $50 million in Opera.

It seems that the time has come for the browser’s desire to enter the world of investing in crypto and digital currencies forcefully.

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