Chinese hackers have developed a malicious virus to steal digital currencies from users’ devices

Chinese hackers have developed a malicious virus to steal digital currencies from users’ devices

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Answer Chinese hackers have developed a malicious virus to steal digital currencies from users’ devices

A loophole was discovered that enabled many hackers to penetrate many computers in many countries in East Asia and steal digital currencies valued at $ 2 million.

The hackers infected more than one million devices over a period of two years, and the malicious virus takes control of the devices and takes advantage of illegal digital currency mining operations.

The Chinese police arrested more than 20 developers suspected of carrying out this operation, 11 people were released and the rest are still being held in police stations.

The discovery of the incident began by the security team at Tencent, who noticed the presence of an add-on in one of the games of unknown source, and this component was added nearly two years ago, and by this loophole nearly 26 million digital currencies were mined, and it was a mixture of DigiByte, Decred and Sia coins with a value approaching of the 15 million yuan.

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Investigators explained that hackers tend to choose unpopular currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, and add unwanted add-ons to programs or games to mine from computers, and once the devices are turned on, the money from mining goes to the hackers’ wallets.

After many investigations, the police discovered the perpetrator and it was a young man named Yang Mabao and a group of professional hackers, and Mabao admitted that he was able to make an estimated profit of 268,000 yuan on a daily basis.

Another group involved was a shell company called Dalian Yuping, whose chairman was Mr. Chen Mu and his wife, Chen Mu, who was the company’s chief financial officer.

Investigations indicated that the chairman of the board of directors of Dalian issued orders to the research and development department to focus on developing the Trojan horse program in 2015.

This is not the first time that users’ devices have been hacked with extremely dangerous add-ons, as nearly 100,000 computers have been hacked and users have been convinced that it is a routine activity with no problem.

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