Will digital and cryptocurrencies and bitcoin become the currencies of the future?

Will digital and cryptocurrencies and bitcoin become the currencies of the future?

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Answer Will digital and cryptocurrencies and bitcoin become the currencies of the future?

The volume of trade and money markets is increasing every day, and their growth volumes do not stop except in very rare cases, and one of the most important markets in the world is the crypto and digital currency market and its trading. And some testify to it a brighter future in the future, if it is adopted and reached everyone, then Bitcoin will come first, and then the various cryptocurrencies.

All of this is due to the level of technology used and the characteristics it offers, in addition to its less complexities than others, and the evidence for this is that if you ask a young man about his knowledge of Bitcoin, you will find it good compared to his age and he will tell you about his peers who earned some dollars through it, but if you ask him about the exchange or Forex or futures you will find less information, due to the ease with which the world is always receptive to new ideas.

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Why will the future be for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?!

1- The need for governments to find an entrance to regulate the trade of digital currencies: This will be by allowing them to be traded more, but only through their own umbrella. Some governments may also work to collect taxes from cryptocurrency traders in some countries.

2- The high proportion of money fleeing from banks: according to data and statistics, many individuals do not use banks to transfer or send their money, but rather seek external ways for that, and the proportion of money that comes out of banks is much greater than what goes in, and in the coming years, digital currencies will become the best haven for money and will become The default option for everyone.

3- The biggest businessmen’s admiration for the successes of Bitcoin during the past three years: which will make them pump some of their money and it will not stop here, but larger and larger trading platforms will be created.

4- Transparency and greater security in Bitcoin and the rest of digital currencies: such as the encryption system, for example, as well as the tremendous development in all technological fields. Some consider that the development in the world of encryption and trading in virtual currencies is the largest during the last five years, and accounts cannot be stolen, as is the case with credit cards. and personal data hacking.

5- The possibility of using the digital currency in local local markets and with retailers: which will make its spread greater in the coming years, and will reduce dependence on MasterCard and pocket money, and Bitcoin will be relied upon when buying. Also, the Bitcoin transaction fees are much lower than others, and the transactions are completed by connecting to your mobile phone only, without the need to go to the ATM or the banks themselves.

6- It is the safe haven when the price of the major currencies such as the dollar, the euro and the pound sterling collapse: Do you remember the economic crisis in 2008, when American citizens borrowed money from banks to buy housing units and then repaid this money from the unit’s rent or when its price increased, but it happened that the market was saturated with housing units, and the collapse occurred In all currencies in the world as well as banks.

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What is new in the matter is the existence of Bitcoin, which, if it existed at the time, would turn into a safe haven for all these collapsed currencies. Imagine the amount of profits that you will reap if there is a sudden economic decline! And imagine how much a safe haven is for every investor!

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