India’s Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) accused of stealing up to $12 billion in Bitcoin

India’s Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) accused of stealing up to $12 billion in Bitcoin

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Answer India’s Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) accused of stealing up to $12 billion in Bitcoin

Former Indian government officials have said that the BJP is accused of a new scam in the world of cryptocurrency and bitcoin. The theft amounts could range from $763 million to $12 billion. Several members of the Indian House of Representatives have asked the Attorney General to conduct investigations into the alleged lawsuits against the ruling party, and individuals have based this on leaked reports proving the government’s involvement in suspicious crypto-currency activities.

The opposition Congress Party, through its spokesperson, Mr. Chaktsene Gohel, described the fraud process as multi-layered, extensive and comprehensive, with the involvement of many individuals. He expected that the amount obtained through illegal means would be approximately $12 billion, which is equivalent to 10% of the market. He added, “In coordination with many concerned authorities, it was confirmed that there were large frauds in Gujarat, and that the accusation fingers were directed at senior leaders of the former ruling party, especially the leader of the ruling party and his deputy, Nalin Kotadia, and that all these operations were carried out in a safe and sound manner.” on the Indian government.

India is still imposing a ban on cryptocurrency in all its forms or dealing with it in any way, and this imposes dealing away from the eyes of the ruling regime.

The Indian government justified its ban on all trading activities as a source of all money laundering and fraud and that banning these activities is the right thing to do.

According to other reports, scams in India are not low at all, and the latest incident occurred in which nearly 200 bitcoins were hacked, Gohil said that the recent scams were carried out by many individuals and the involvement of police and sources in the Indian judiciary is suspected.

The police did not stand idly by regarding the latest accusations and announced the issuance of search warrants for the former ruling party chief and several of his members and it was confirmed that some policemen had stolen bitcoins, and actions were taken against several officials including the chief of police in Gujarat, and all were found Individuals who have scammed and stolen cryptocurrency.

Gohel said that the arrest of the ruling party chief will open the door to exposing all those involved in the ruling party in another fraud case.

At the same time, the Bharatiya Party rejected all the accusations leveled against it by the police forces and described the current government’s efforts to spread lies and fabricate charges in order to gain credit on the Indian street, which is a dishonest attempt to do dirty tricks.

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