HTC, the “Blockchain Smartphone Manufacturer”, is laying off 1,500 of its employees

HTC, the “Blockchain Smartphone Manufacturer”, is laying off 1,500 of its employees

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Answer HTC, the “Blockchain Smartphone Manufacturer”, is laying off 1,500 of its employees

HTC announced that its plan to lay off workers will not affect its future plans and ambitions towards making the HTC EXODUS phone, which is classified as the first smartphone that embraces blockchain technology and integrates the world of digital currencies and cryptography with the phone industry.

The Taiwanese company announced today, 5/8/2018, its plan to gradually lay off one thousand five hundred workers, a figure that is close to a quarter of its workforce around the world.

The layoffs come as a result of the company’s desire to unify its procedures and processes and to find a unified format for all its factories around the world, and also with an emphasis that these procedures will not affect the development of the company and its constant quest for improvement and progress.

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The company spokesman added that the current decrease in the number of employees that was announced is its best recent steps, and that it is a step in the way of organizing resources across the company, and it will allow better management than the current situation and will allow greater flexibility within the company, and that the company is committed to all guarantees for the workers it included. The next demobilization plan, which will be completed on 10/30/2018.

It is noteworthy that HTC continues to demonstrate its strength over other competing companies, by reaching maximum efficiency by using fewer workers.

The Taiwan-based company announced at the beginning of the year its desire to launch the HTC EXODUS smartphone with built-in encryption (blockchain) system for a new experience in protecting digital currencies and trading them between peers.

The company also announced that the next smartphone will be a wallet linked to the control panel, and the security and encryption rate will be higher than any device that preceded it, and the company expressed it as a global experience that is the first of its kind, and its starting price will be $ 1,000.

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It is noteworthy that HTC owns approximately 10% of the mobile market around the world, and despite the fluctuation of the company and the widening of the distance between it and Apple and Samsung recently, and the decrease in revenues by nearly half, the company aspires that its release of the new mining device will help to reach the forefront again.

This is not the first time that the company has laid off its employees, as 2,000 people were transferred to Google last year.

In your opinion, will the HTC EXDOUS phone succeed in the Arab markets?!

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