The most important reasons why Ethereum technology is technically superior to Bitcoin

The most important reasons why Ethereum technology is technically superior to Bitcoin

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Answer The most important reasons why Ethereum technology is technically superior to Bitcoin

Within the activities of the GENESIS LONDON BLOCKCHIN conference on cryptocurrencies that took place in early 2018, Dr. Cornell, an expert in digital currencies from within the conference, said that according to the study conducted by several American universities, Ethereum is considered more decentralized than Bitcoin.

He explained that the information circulated in the previous three years that Ethereum is less than other currencies, and does not have the ability to deal with large-scale applications is very false information.

The study showed that the “Node” of Ethereum is associated with the institution less compared to Bitcoin and the rest of the other currencies, which confirms that Ethereum is managed by people more than the companies ruling the currency, and this was confirmed by the Foundation’s employees.

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Also, the “Node” of Ethereum is scattered everywhere and is not concentrated in any way, and that it is the most distributed around the world, unlike Bitcoin, which tends to be present in data centers and private servers, and according to the study, the NODE of Bitcoin Approximately 56% are present in data centers.

It was also said that Ethereum is better than Bitcoin due to its ability to deal with decentralized applications, and that Ethereum has future goals for expansion and the completion of thousands of transactions per second.

Fredharsam also spoke at the conference that the possibility of developing Ethereum could take about five years, and that the operations that will be implemented will be through one of the algorithms compatible with POW, which is the algorithm that will prevent competition between miners and instead of working alone and competing to reach the main goal, miners will have The ability to cooperate to solve mathematical problems so that mining power is not lost.

This technology will be developed by the Ethereum developer community and a small cryptographic network can be created within the parent blockchain to increase speed and reduce stress on the network.

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It was announced that the CPUs issued by INTEL are considered the best of their kind, and they settle thousands of transactions per second, because they originally help the blockchain to transmit and receive.

He also explained that the INTEL SGX modules are a very cool technology that offers better guarantees for miners and gives the ability to know the protocol of the people around you.

By the end of the conference, it was concluded that the mass mass will be relied upon and away from the central databases, and that it may take years to reach this point, but it is inevitably coming.

It seems that from the point of view of experts, many individuals are looking for another opportunity to reshape the blockchain and adopt new ways of doing operations faster.

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