Cryptocurrency market rises by more than 20 billion dollars, affected by the gains of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Cryptocurrency market rises by more than 20 billion dollars, affected by the gains of Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Answer Cryptocurrency market rises by more than 20 billion dollars, affected by the gains of Bitcoin and Ethereum

During the past days, this July, the cryptocurrency market rose by more than 20 billion dollars as a result of the collective profits achieved by the most digital currencies in the market such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin acquired more than 40% and most currencies achieved profits in varying proportions.

The top coin that performed great over the past few days was SelfKey which rose more than 200%, and of the main coins we find that Cardano has an impressive increase of 16%.

Thus, this rise contributed greatly to reviving the cryptocurrency market and opening the door wide to begin trading bitcoin more, which contributed to attracting other competitors and entering larger amounts, and given the rise in the first week of this month, some began to be optimistic about the increase in currency prices more in the weeks coming.

Also, the volume of Bitcoin registered in the global markets is close to $5 billion, while Ethereum is close to $1.8 billion, and the black horse for this week is Bitcoin Cash and Ripple, which doubled the trading volume in just one week.

These rises make that the guesses and expectations of experts may not be 100% correct, as many analysts have confirmed a significant decline in prices and trading of Bitcoin or the rest of the currencies cannot take place amid the large fluctuation of prices and the sharp decline in some currencies.

Of course, the experts were not the greatest success, as the reality proves that there is an increase in prices and volume, and the optimism of investors is constantly increasing.

This increase in the cryptocurrency trading market has benefited more from other currencies that are smaller than Bitcoin such as SelfKey, GoChain, ETHLend and Bluzelle which are less known currencies but have achieved profits of about 50%, as a result of the sudden rises in the trading market. This change will significantly increase the trading volume of small digital assets.

It was not limited to traders and investors only, but Coinbase, the most famous and largest company in the world in the brokerage market and cryptocurrency exchange, has launched an expanded offering to buy currencies with additional services such as storage and trading for companies and large investors.

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Note that the price of Bitcoin today is trading at $6750, an increase of 2.6% over the past 24 hours, while Ethereum is trading at $480, an increase of 2.15% over the past 24 hours.

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