The oldest crypto and cryptocurrency trading platform is relaunching its services again

The oldest crypto and cryptocurrency trading platform is relaunching its services again

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Answer The oldest crypto and cryptocurrency trading platform is relaunching its services again

Nine months after closing the world’s oldest cryptocurrency exchange, the platform intends to relaunch its platform and announce its intention to launch its own digital currency in the future.

Today, Monday, BTCC announced the launch of a new trading platform that supports the purchase of digital currencies for fiat, as well as a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, and trading services will initially be limited to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Note that BTCC, formerly called BTC China, is the first cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2011. However, the strict measures taken by the Chinese government led to the closing of the doors of the platform in September 2017.

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BTCC was one of the 3 largest in China, but moved its operations to Hong Kong and London before being acquired by a Hong Kong investment fund in January 2018.

The Vice President of BTCC, Aaron Choi, stated that the re-launch of the BTCC platform will include a system to reward customers with points and these points will be converted into the new digital currencies of the platform (BTCC). He added, “We decided to introduce the reward system and convert it to BTCC tokens, to reward the community that supported us during a difficult period. We started the new platform with bitcoin against the US dollar, added Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, and we will add more cryptocurrencies based on what our customers tell us.”

The BTCC platform also features the trading of new trading pairs (BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC/USD, ETH, BCH, LTC/BTC, etc.), with the aim of enhancing liquidity, providing new options for faster deposit and withdrawal and enhancing the trading experience.

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In addition to the new trading pairs, BTCC will release additional trading pairs on an ongoing basis based on users’ request. Also, all reward points will be fully convertible into BTCC tokens when issued which will be tradable. The platform did not reveal a specific timeline for the tokens’ release.

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