The co-founder of “Apple” believes that blockchain technology is nothing but a bubble

The co-founder of “Apple” believes that blockchain technology is nothing but a bubble

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Answer The co-founder of “Apple” believes that blockchain technology is nothing but a bubble

After Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak made his statements earlier this month that he hoped Bitcoin would be the only currency in the world, he has now emerged with a new and controversial statement when he called blockchain technology a “bubble” similar to what appeared in the dotcom era. , but could have an affair in the future.

This statement came within the activities of the NEX Technology Conference in New York City, USA, and Wozniak said that the dot-com era created a similar kind of interest, but that companies did not fulfill their promises, and stated, “It was a bubble, and I feel the same about the blockchain.”

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Despite this, Steve mentioned that the blockchain is decentralized which makes it completely trustworthy, but it may take some time for its ability to fully bear fruit.

“Things don’t change in one day, a lot of group ideas that are good can burn themselves out early or not prepare for long-term stability.”

Wozniak also believed that the currency of Ethereum, may be the currency that is able to survive in the long term, due to its diversity and allowing developers to build their projects on its own blockchain. Wozniak also previously compared the Ethereum platform and predicted that it would one day have an impact like that of Apple.

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Steve believes that there is a possibility of using blockchain technology in the field of social networks to compete with “Facebook”, especially since the major companies have monopolized the industry so far.

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