After the bitcoin theft, Coinsecure announces $3 million in compensation

After the bitcoin theft, Coinsecure announces $3 million in compensation

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Answer After the bitcoin theft, Coinsecure announces $3 million in compensation

New Delhi-based Coinsecure announced on its website Tuesday that it will start accepting claims from customers affected by bitcoin theft on its platform.

Where the platform revealed that it will compensate those affected by the April theft and provide the Indian rupee in exchange for their balance on the platform before the theft. It is worth noting that 438 bitcoins were stolen and their value was estimated at about 3 million dollars at the time.

As the platform stated on its website, “Please note that the deadline for submitting claims with all required documents is June 30, 2018..” This allows its clients less than five business days to submit all requirements plus any additional documentation required.

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The platform added that it will not receive any claim after June 30, 2018, and that it will not bear any responsibility towards any user who applies for compensation after this date.

The Coinsecure platform did not provide any details about the theft, which it claims was carried out by one of the platform’s senior employees, as he owns the private keys to the platform’s wallet that contains the users’ cryptocurrencies.

Note that the platform has previously offered a reward of 10% to anyone who provides information that leads to the recovery of stolen bitcoins, in addition to promising to compensate all customers. It also revealed that it will return 10% of the lost balance against the Bitcoin transaction and the remaining 90% against the Indian rupee.

The price of bitcoin at the time of the robbery was approximately $6850 per coin, which means that customers will receive additional amounts as the price of bitcoin today is at $6,200 (date of writing).

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Compensation request form

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