Learn about FuzeX cards… the future of payments using digital and cryptocurrency

Learn about FuzeX cards… the future of payments using digital and cryptocurrency

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Answer Learn about FuzeX cards… the future of payments using digital and cryptocurrency

About FuzeX

FuzeX Project and Currency Token (FXT) appeared With the increasing popularity of digital currencies in the world of the Internet, and the desire to use them easily, whether in daily expenses or in transactions and purchases through the Internet. Therefore, FuzeX appeared with a new solution consisting of a smart bank card that collects all digital currencies in one account, which makes it easier for the user to transact banking and use digital currencies in his daily life, since the idea of ​​using these cards appeals to the user, which is similar to credit cards and Visa cards.

The FuzeX card is similar in its structure to regular credit cards, but it is a little different from them as it is controlled automatically, through the presence of three buttons at the bottom of the card and a digital screen that allows the user to control it and choose the digital and encrypted currency he wants to use .. It is also shipped via a device Small, electrically conductive and lasts up to 30 hours after charging.

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Noting that the first version of the cards will be issued in July 2018 in Singapore, to be expanded within a year to new regions in the Middle East, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Features of FuzeX Cards

  • Perhaps the most prominent features of smart cards are the integration of more than one card into one card.
  • The card can combine approximately 15 digital currencies, approximately 10 credit cards and 5 reward cards under one card.
  • The card has a small screen to display the balance of each account, and a barcode to verify the rewards card.
  • The card contains Bluetooth technology to facilitate the connection between it and the wallet.
  • The card provides the necessary security for the user, which allows him to use the card anytime and anywhere.
  • You can know the current balance of each card through the digital screen on the card

How do smart cards work?

First, you must choose the currency that you want to use through the control buttons located at the bottom of the card, then the card is given to the merchant to be verified by the card reader.. After completing the purchase process, you will receive a receipt with a summary of the purchase process and the equivalent amount will be deducted from your wallet.

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The future of financial transactions in the world of digital currencies

It seems that the company and those in charge of it are very confident of the ability to seize the financial transactions market in the coming period, so they called themselves “the future of transactions and purchases” .. The company is now offering new card users bonuses and additional points after completing early purchases to motivate them The user is completely dependent on their card for purchases.

Information about the project’s FXT coin

  • The initial coin offering completed in February 2018, raising 40,000 ETH (approximately $36 million at the time).
  • The role of the currency in the short term is limited to paying the fees for purchasing FuzeX smart cards, paying the annual fees for the card, and to raise the permissible limit for financial transactions.
  • The coin was offered at the subscription stage at a price of about 7 cents, and now it is trading at 2.7 cents (date of writing the article).
  • The currency is traded on a number of digital currency trading platforms such as: Coinbene, Hitbtc, IDEX, COSS, Livecoin.

website for Fuzzix

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