The first cryptocurrency ATM in Europe’s airports

The first cryptocurrency ATM in Europe’s airports

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Answer The first cryptocurrency ATM in Europe’s airports

Passengers traveling through Amsterdam Schiphol Airport will be able to exchange their cash for cryptocurrency through Digital currency automated teller machine the new.

On June 20, Schiphol Airport announced its construction Automated teller machine for digital currencies. According to the airport blog, this cashier will be the first of its kind in European airports.

But they explained that the teller is in a six-month probationary period and confirmation of readiness of the teller will be before expansions, and the teller has been provided by Amsterdam-based ByeleX Data Solutions, which recently opened a cryptocurrency teller division.

ByeleX Director Hermann Vischia spoke positively of the airport teller, saying:

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“We are excited that Schiphol is ready to partner with us to offer travelers new digital currencies.”

Some people kept the news and thought that it might be a failed initiative, but Tank Duck, the airport representative, said:

“By cryptocurrency exchange, we hope to provide a useful service to travelers by allowing the exchange of the local currency the euro with the global digital currency such as bitcoin and ethereum, and this may be useful for those who cannot exchange the euro in their home country.”

The airport team clearly believes that this move to cryptocurrency will be well received by customers.

Schiphol Airport has become one of the largest airports in the world and a hub for global travel in the future with more than 68 million passengers annually, and offering digital currency teller even if – at the present time – a single teller would be a good way for one of the largest airports in the world to provide digital currencies for millions.

Cryptocurrency teller: an unexpected gateway to the world of digital currencies

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Cryptocurrency exchange is one of the primary ways to exchange fiat currencies with digital, offering a safe and easy-to-use method. One of its advantages is the lack of ID requirement and large switching limits.

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Many began to exploit the teller and they are installed daily at a rate of 6.43 in the world. According to CounATMRadar, the number of ATMs has tripled in the past 18 months from 928 to 3,292 and the majority of ATMs remain in North America, where there are 1,926 ATMs in the United States, which constitutes 58% of the number of ATMs around the world .

This figure shows the backwardness of Asian and European countries in their adoption of ATMs. Thanks to ATMs and their positive impact on the digital currency market, this shows the bright future of ATMs.

We hope that the money changers will be adopted more especially with the adoption of them by Schiphol Airport.

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