The CEO of Robin Hood predicts a bright future for cryptocurrency trading

The CEO of Robin Hood predicts a bright future for cryptocurrency trading

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Answer The CEO of Robin Hood predicts a bright future for cryptocurrency trading

Co-CEO of Robin Hood – Broker Trading App CryptocurrencyHe predicts a bright future for digital currencies, as he showed yesterday his belief that countries will adopt digital currencies as their base currency.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance, Baiju Bhatt, co-CEO of the California-based company, provided several insights into the future of the market and his view of the industry.

When asked about his vision for the field in the medium and long term, the 32-year-old gave an enthusiastic response, although he admitted that it is difficult to predict the time period.

“I think that sovereign countries will adopt digital currencies as the main currency at some point, which is inevitable, whether it happens in a year or 15, I don’t know exactly, but I am 100% sure that this will happen.”

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More broadly, for the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, Bhatt has been cautiously optimistic about his view of the market, likening the wild market to the early days of the internet.

“There are many currencies and the situation will be unpolished for several years, there are many who think they are very important and then they will disappear, I mean this is what the internet was on so I don’t trust the hype and you have to pay attention to the details and many good things will come out of this.”

Founded in 2013 by Bhatt and his partner, Stanford graduate Vlad Tev, with the aim of offering a commission-free broker program, the company quickly gained fame with the addition of cryptocurrency in February of the same year.

While Bhatt was not confident in the timeline, his belief appears to be in effect, Last month, the Marshall Islands became the first country to adopt a digital currency as its base currency!

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While adoption from a small archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean did not mean much to traditional institutions, it is nonetheless a huge step forward for the future that Bhatt and many in the industry foresee.

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