Blockchain technology and the future of smartphones

Blockchain technology and the future of smartphones

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Answer Blockchain technology and the future of smartphones

In a precedent of its kind in the world of smartphones, HTC presented an idea for a new type of phone that will embrace technology for the first time Blockchain.

The Taiwanese company announced that the HTC Exodus will reshape the Internet; This is because it is the first smartphone in which technology is applied Blockchain Thus it will make digital and cryptocurrency andBlockchain The future of the phone industry.

The company revealed its vision for the future of smartphones at the 2018 Consensus Conference in New York, explaining how to employ technology Blockchain To support digital currencies such as Bitcoin and ethereum.

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The company said – on its website – that its vision is to expand the ecosystem for the blockchain By creating the first smartphone linked to decentralized applications and security and safety technologies at an unparalleled technical level.

She added that by unleashing the HTC Exodus, it would be closer to the truth, and the company would be able to reshape the reality of the Internet.

The phone will include a native cryptocurrency wallet, which will enable users to pay and receive cryptocurrency bills on their phone, in addition to that, the phone will act as a point of contact that allows trading Cryptocurrency between users.

The phone will support decentralized applications, which the company claims are more secure than their regular counterparts used today and on a large scale.

And while this phone has received a warm welcome on social media, some have suggested that it is simply a use of catchy terms like technology Blockchain On the part of the company as a marketing tool not only.

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But in any case, we hope to see a reality in which users are secure in their personal data, which the CEO of the company and the pioneer of the HTC Exodus said is more vulnerable in the hands of central agencies and applications.

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