BlockShow Conference: List of the Best European Countries for Blockchain-Based Startups

BlockShow Conference: List of the Best European Countries for Blockchain-Based Startups

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Answer BlockShow Conference: List of the Best European Countries for Blockchain-Based Startups

BlockShow Europe 2018, released a recent study outlining the 10 best European countries for creating a blockchain startup. Switzerland ranked first due to positive regulations and the government’s positive attitude towards start-ups and digital and cryptocurrency. It is worth noting that Switzerland has a special experience in the “Crypto Valley” in the city of Zug. Malta and Gibraltar ranked next due to positive regulations and government involvement in the industry.

48 European countries were searched in this study, and the analysis was based on various aspects, including which countries supported blockchain technology, digital and encrypted currencies, and the regulations of the blockchain industry were also searched. The main criteria used in the research were related to initial coin offering (ICO) regulations, regulations regarding the use of digital and cryptocurrency as payment methods, as well as taxation of cryptocurrencies.

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The United Kingdom ranked fourth, and Denmark ranked fifth. 0% cryptocurrency taxGermany and Portugal are ranked sixth (Being Income is not taxed of digital currencies). And followed by Finland (where cryptocurrencies are exempted from value added taxes) followed by the Netherlands and Belarus (Kun Tm Tax exemption for cryptocurrency Until 2023, smart contracts are used as legal documents).

You can see the full list over here.

About BlockShow

The BlockShow Europe conference is specialized in discovering the most important innovations that occur in the world of blockchain, both at the level of Europe and at the global level. It will bring together more than 3000 participants and more than 150 projects, in addition to more than 80 speakers of internationally recognized experts from banks, institutions and multiple global industries. BlockShow Europe will allow the most innovative and promising projects in the blockchain world to present themselves to visitors. In addition to topics on how to improve global industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cyber ​​Security and many others. Representatives of European central banks and governments will share their experiences and visions in the blockchain technology conference, which will be held on May 28-29 in Berlin, Germany.

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